ENFP x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: At the front line. They have strong ideals and spot injustices everywhere, which destroys them inside. But, because they are ENFPs, and Gryffindors, they shine on. Sometimes, they bend over backwards to please someone. They have a secret crush on the mysterious and powerful ESTJ from Slytherin. They are skilled at all sorts of crafts and love making presents. Being the cause for someone´s happiness is what keeps them going.
  • Hufflepuff: Tender. Angelic, and devilish. They oscillate between superhero and the sad clown that drags everybody down. Academic geniuses because they can juggle all these formulas, theories, trivia. They are sometimes forgetful, but their ISFJ friend from Gryffindor rushes to their help. They are popular and receive a lot of love, but that does not fulfill them. They want to understand all the whys and long for a place where they can encounter the peace they are looking for.
  • Ravenclaw: #1 Alien. Much like their Hufflepuff fellows, they do well in academics, in fact, they embrace the role of the resourceful teacher or student almost too much. Jokesters, playful but serene when the need arises. They adapt well to any social environment, having a mask for every situation. Their room bursts with brain food. Chinese takeout freaks with frequent phases of introversion. Existentialists.
  • Slytherin: Ohhh. These ENFPs are sharp-witted. And have a very provocative side, too. They put the Sly into Slytherin, I´m telling you. But they mean well, even to the point that they will become avoidant and socially awkward. ENFP Slytherins hang out with Ravenclaw ENTPs and probably run their own magazine, newspaper column, or wordpress blog, working tirelessly at what they enjoy about it. Dan Howell. They are legit powerhouses.