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Hmm... What do I request... Shinsou as Yan? Or the other way round? Idk lmao. Good luck figuring it out. You know your girl is gonna be chill with anything though~ ;* Congratulations qtie~~ ❤

…Why not both? ;D Turning it around on you @anandinair. Thanks for the request bby <3 (P.S. Yan is short for Yandere Yoosung)

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imagine victor finding that buzzfeed 'who to eliminate(?) yoi game' and seeing him and yuuri as the final choice lmao im p sure he'd eliminate himself, that utter sap / or he'd sue tf outta them lmao what a qtie

play along with victor !!!

Which Yuri must go?” Victor reads, licking his lips nervously. Yuuri sits beside him, head on his shoulder as he watches the phone screen. “I don’t want either of you to go.”

Yuuri laughs and ruffles his hair affectionately. “It’s just a game.”

“Well, Yurio isn’t here, so I’ll pick him.” He clicks. His face pales. “Seventy-four percent of people said they’d want Yurio to go instead of you? But he’s, but… But both of you are…” Helpless, he looks at Yuuri, who puts his finger on the phone screen and scrolls down.

“Just a game. We won’t show it to him. Let’s see what else there is.”

Which skater must go?” Victor reads out loud, then, after narrowing it down to Emil and JJ, chooses JJ. Yuuri raises an eyebrow at his lack of mercy, and he reminds Yuuri that this is, in fact, just a game. A stupid game, and a morally corrupt one, at that.

For the next question, he selects Michele, though apologizes as he does so. Then, he’s faced with Minami, Phichit, and Seung-gil. “I can’t say Phichit,” he says, casting Yuuri a glance. “Minami is too young…” He sets the phone down. “Yuuri, don’t make me keep playing this.”

Yuuri is biting his lip to hold back a laugh. “I know this game is horrible, but it’s kind of funny watching you play it.”

Victor rolls his eyes and kisses his hair before selecting Seung-gil, another apology readily leaving his lips. “It’s weird that they’re making games like this about us. I wonder what other ones there are. Guang Hong or Leo? Yuuri, I can’t…”

Yuuri taps one at random. “Move on, then.”

“Minako, Celestino, or Yakov.” He hums. “I know Celestino the least well,” Victor decides, then presses the button. “Yuuko, Sara, or Mila? Sorry Sara. Hang on–which one of the triplets?” Victor’s jaw drops.

Yuuri shakes his head, scrunching up his nose. “That’s too far. Skip that one.”

“Hang on–which Yuuri Katsuki must go?!” Victor’s hand flies up to cover his mouth, and he stares at Yuuri in shock. “On the ice or off of the ice? What is that supposed to mean?”

“Would you rather I live on the ice or never touch the ice again?” Yuuri asks, and strokes his arm, laughing again. “I hope you choose what I’m thinking.”

“Off of the ice,” Victor says, and Yuuri nods when he selects it. “But I would never want that. Now you, me, and Yurio. That’s…” He sighs. “I’ll skip this one. Now it’s…”

He pauses.

Which Skater Must Go?

Victor Nikiforov or Yuuri Katsuki.

Without a word, Victor taps his own image. Then, he sees the results.

“More people chose to… More people…”

Yuuri glances down, feels his cheeks flushing. “More people voted to get rid of me,” he realizes. “I’m not offended–it’s a hard choice, after all, and besides, more fans have probably heard of you than–”

“I’m calling Buzzfeed,” Victor decides, and stands up, his shoulders stiff. “I’m calling them right now.


Marco in harem pants? 

Marco in harem pants OvO

(also off to the side is Jean with his face pressed against the glass of the dance studio drooling shamelesslyi meanwhatno)