messy messy painting for one of my coolest mutuals!
your splatoon!mayor was the coolest thing ever and I couldn’t get it out of my head so I thew down some primary-colored-watercolor-splats of my own.

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hihi i love your blog but i was just laughing at the salty anons and i saw a blade post and i really hope you dont mean cut yourself because its really personal and its just please dont tell people to cut themselves even if theyre really ignorant ((BUT if you didnt mean it then thank u im sorry i love you))

/sighs/ …I’m surprised and a little upset that you felt the need to send in this message. Seriously, you don’t need to remind me that telling someone to go hurt themselves like that - no matter who that person is - is not an okay thing to do. I know. Everyone knows.

I didn’t really even want to respond to this because I think it’s pretty obvious that what you’re suggesting isn’t the case at all, but I was worried you’d actually assume that if I didn’t say something and that didn’t sit well with me so here I am

If you actually read over that reply properly you’d see that it was a troll post (the iBlade doesn’t exist ok), and even so, not once did I suggest to anyone to go cut themselves. I have zero tolerance for bullshit and absolutely no respect for people who think they can start shit with others for fun bc of a measly anon option but I would never go as far as to tell anyone to go hurt themselves in any way. 

I'm about to watch Reservoir Dogs for the first time ever.

QT is one of the most off-putting human beings in existence, and I’m half and half on his movies, but I see so many people on tumblr love this movie so I’m gonna give it a shot. Plus I just love me some Steve Buscemi!



Brought him in, warmed him up on the lunge because there were people jumping and he’s a bit nervous still when it’s more than one horse. He was BRILLIANT. Hopped on and did our flatwork, really asking him to stretch down and he was so good. Gave him lots of vocal praise and walk breaks. He spooked when I was on the buckle but it was totally fine - he scooted forward but I just moved with him, collected my reins and put him to work at the trot which is was the gait he had jumped into. As soon as he softened I let him walk again and he was perfect. Did a tiny bit of leg yield work, which he’s getting better at. Got off and went into the outdoor ring. He was an angel even though there was a lesson going on. All we did was trot a little x-rail both directions - he’s hunting the fences and wants to canter it! My trainer friend raised it to a 2′0-2′3″ vertical and my awesome little baby took me right to it and jumped it fabulously AND landed on the correct lead. He did it both directions and I made the most fuss out of him ever. SO PROUD OF HIM. 

He’s getting a top line and has a little crest and djflkas;djf;laksdfjad. SO HAPPY. He got a good brush, treats, and I even let the chunky pony graze for a bit. He’s such a joy to work with. 

Also gave Ringo some treats and let him graze for a bit, the spoilt pony. He has a lesson tonight so I didn’t ride him. 

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do you know if qt is ever going to be released as an actual drink or if it already is where can you buy it from because i havent seen it anywhere??

oh my god oh my god oh my god click ——> drinkqt