Reverse racism does not exist. True. It's just racism.

“Reverse racism” buys into the racist idea that default racism is a phenomenon of white skin. It is not. Anyone can be a racist.

When colleges want to create no go zones for whites (safe spaces) they are trying to deny equal access based on race. This is anti-white discrimination, and it is racism.

When you offer financial aid to “PoC” only, that is racial discrimination, and it is racism.

When non-whites (and non-asians in this case) are given a boost for university admissions, it is racial discrimination.

have confidence, witches

I’ve recently seen a lot of aesthetics and mood boards going around with a certain image for witches. First, I want to say that all witches are valid and beautiful, but we don’t all look the same. 

not all witches have long, black hair

not all witches have hair at all

not all witches are tall and slender

not all witches are young girls

not all witches have $xxx worth of crystals, plants, or even an altar

not all witches are “out of the woods” about their craft

not all witches come from a family tradition of witchcraft

not all witches have the same dietary habits

some witches have eating disorders

some witches have PTSD or any other mental illness

some witches are boys and that’s okay

some witches are trans and that’s okay

some witches are blonde and that’s okay

some witches have acne and that’s okay

some witches have scars and that’s okay

some witches have tattoos and that’s okay

some witches are POC and that’s okay

some witches are from different religious/cultural backgrounds and that’s okay

no matter what you look like or how you identify yourself, whether it’s with 10 labels or no labels at all, you are the most beautiful witch in town and if you’ve never seen a witch aesthetic that you can relate to, make one yourself! There’s no guideline to being a witch, because we are all here together, as one. I love all of you so so much!! <3


Question Time Part 2- Podcast

So here it is! Thank you so much to @littlebabyruth for joining me in discussing all kinds of topics within the One Direction and Larry fandom. Have a listen and let us know what you think…more than anything, we hope you can enjoy it and that maybe it’ll make you laugh!


Start-5:23 = How did Stacy and I meet?

5:26-8:14 = How Stacy became a Larrie

8:19-14:42 = How are we alike and how are we different?

14:44-32:30 = Let’s talk about fic!

32:33-37:11 = Do we feel an obligation to support each solo project?

37:13-49:40 = Solo Harry, Solo Louis, Solo Niall, Solo Liam

49:40-55:00 = Dunkirk (Promo, Oscars, etc.)

55:00-58:05 = Traveling, Paps, and stalkers

58:07-1:01:41= Arrest

1:01:48-1:05:12 = Babygate

1:05:20-1:13:45 = Who all knows about Harry and Louis?

1:13:48-1:23:14 = Favorite fandom moments?

1:23:16-1:26:24 = Favorite moments from MITAM Promo?

1:26:54-1:32:24 = Fav. 1D Songs (lyrically, musically, guilty pleasure)

1:32:28-1:37:42 = Dream set list after hiatus

1:37:44-1:40:08 = Fav. Larry moment ever?

1:40:20-1:41:10 = Liam’s quote about Trump

1:41:11-End = Why are we still here?

anonymous asked:

I am writing an original story. In this story, there's a black character that is really important to the plot and since i wanted to make her more real, i went to those anti-racism blogs and pages over the internet to ask about their experiences (i am not POC) and how racism affects their lives. While some of them were really kind and liked my concern to actually educate myself, some were really rude and said i couldn't write about POC cause i am not POC. Does this makes sense?

Hi anon! :D

The reactions you got make sense, yes, because there is much debate about this topic.

Anywho! I’m not really going to give my opinion on it, instead I am going to link you to this wonderful blog (Writing With Color) that should give you a ton of information that you’re looking for on writing a black character! :3 The link itself is to their Compilation of General Topics and I know you can submit questions to them and get amazing and detailed answers from them :D If you want help with this, they are deff the go-to place on Tumblr, least that I know of personally :3

Hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with your story! <3

Mod Aerrow

My personal opinion is that if you do a bunch of research to ensure that your POC characters aren’t written in a racist way, then you should be good. Representation in literature and media, when it’s correct and positive representation, is always a good thing. 

Take this with a grain of salt because I’m white. 

Mod Marie-Rose

You know what deserves to be romanticized?

Accents, but from African countries, Asian countries, Latin American countries, etc.

We get so caught up romanticizing European accidents, but when my Filipino friends giggle and their accents come out? Or when my first generation African American friends get really passionate about something and they talk really fast and their accents seep through? Or when my Puerto Rican friends get comfortable around people and they aren’t being made fun of for rolling their R’s and do it freely and they can be themselves???

Nothing warms my heart more.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog! I really wanna write a book with black characters but I don't want it about them being black. Like I don't want it to be about them struggling with race or drugs or gangs. I just want the characters to be black bc i feel like they're aren't enough black YA books. Any ideas on what it could be about?

Hey! This is really interesting and I don’t want to say the wrong thing as I’m mixed race- I almost have a take on both sides, but don’t want anyone to think I’m being rude! Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of posts circulating the internet about how white people shouldn’t be allowed to write from a black persons POV seeing as they haven’t experienced racism. In someways agree and other ways I really disagree. Having a strong lead character who is one of a minority can be empowering, but at the same time people can become critical. I think maybe what you want to do is have a storyline like any other, just replace the usual stereotype of having the lead character being white (or us assuming) and openly telling the reader of their nationality. It is difficult to get things like this right, there will always be people who disagree with you and yes, it hurts, but it’s your writing and you can do pretty much what you like (within reason of course!). 

I thought you might want to check out this post to tune your ideas for a plot? If not, be sure to message me so we can chat it through! I’d love to hear from you :) Good luck, lots of love from Yasmine xox