anonymous asked:

Rave, Is it true that you and Nat have a hate/love relationship?

No. - Rave (wishing that the shithead swims over the edge of the fucking infinity pool is kind of a full-time thing )

I’ll swim over the edge and right into your arms, babe~ ;) -Nat

anonymous asked:

would you ever join a kpop style boyband?? :DD

Why the fuck would…?

Yes, because it’s fucking obvious that all the theatre posts on this blog are some subliminal message that I want to join a fucking boyband. Where the fuck did this question even come from.

To answer, there’d have to be pretty fucking drastic circumstances in some shitty alternate universe for me to put up with other assholes 24/7 and lie through my teeth to the press about just how much of a great team we are and all that shit. 

((Well people caught on fast…  This anon is referencing the Kpop Boyband AU born from me showing Kirakurryart a certain video. You can check out Rave’s life in a boyband with Nat, Joshua, Samson, Mitch, Maelstrom, and Deluxe over at the Official Quantum Time Blog! XD)) 

jimthehumanboy-deactivated20170  asked:

When's the next concert going to be? Also if you get a backstage pass do you get to meet each member or only a few?

Goldberg, whatever fucking happened to your ‘I’m gonna do public relations’ shit?

We’ll be on tour in about a month and a half, so check the official tour site to see when we’ll be in the area. If you get a backstage pass, you get the full band - it’s not fair to get some and not the others - Rave

Shit, those better not sell out again, because if I swear, if I meet one more fucking fan…