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Akira: *breathes* Me: holy shit!!!!!!! he did that! HE DID THAT1!! HOLY FUCK HE! DID! THAT!

…I don’t see it.


Hello guys! Here is the much anticipated, but most likely not at all awaited, Question Time video. I’d like to give a round of applause to iMovie, with which this would not have been possible, and to my beloved iPhone who came through in a pinch to make this movie what it is (my camera and laptop decided not to show up to work that day). Regardless, I hope you enjoy!


00:00-1:38   Intro/Origin Story/ AMA’s 2013

1:39-3:18      Babygate/ Brett/ How I’d End It

3:19-3:57      Dream collabs for Harry and Louis

3:58-4:22      Message from Lexi- @idareyoutotakealook

4:23-6:09     RBB/SBB

6:10-8:05      Twitter/SM Control

8:06-9:11      What’s gonna happen next?

9:12-10:21    Little Mix/5H

10:22-10:47  Tattoos

10:48-11:10  Birthday Travels

11:11-11:37  Do they do drugs?

11:38-12:11  Coming out?

12:12-12:35  Larry and Promo Season

12:36-14:58  Favorite Fics

14:59-17:37  5 Least Favorite Popular Fic Tropes

17:38-18:05  What shows am I currently watching?

18:06-18:38  Favorite music

18:39-19:39  My thoughts on Fool’s Gold

19:40-21:15  Cass’ Questions- @larryappreciation

20:22-22:33  Zoe’s Q’s (1D in Hogwarts Houses)- @oiiiioiiii

22:34-23:00  What does IDK My BFF Jill mean?

23:01-23:45  Why do you love Niall so much?

23:46-24:57 Just Hold On Promo thoughts

24:58-End    What are your 1D tattoos?/Coming up/ The End


Something I plan on doing after every QT chapter! Discussing about what readers missed or don’t get in the story! 0w0 Like a mini comic xD and of course, hosted by your Adorable Cinnabuns! Frisk and TK!


Powers, what powers, what are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anybody would believe if you told them?