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Attolia uncharacteristically said the first thing that came to mind. “He sharpens his beard into points like a fork,” she said of her ambassador, “and uses cheap hair oil.”

“Well that is certainly frank on your part,” said Eddis, laughing. “I had thought you were fond of him.”

“So did he,” Attolia said dryly. 

Queen of Attolia by @meganwhalenturner

My entry for Thick as Thieves. I thought about using one my old art but I love drawing Attolia and Eddis and friendships so.

pansexualpieceoftrash  asked:

Hi, I really like your art, and was wondering if you could draw some fluffy Keith X Pidge? I understand if you don't want to or anything, lots of people I've asked have said no. Just thought I'd request it. Thanks!

I don’t take requests now, but this one was so unusual that I just wanted to draw it (sort of)
Hope you like it :)