"Intensive Observation"

So , this litlle gem accured between our Half-Orcish Fighter Smith (Silaz) , our Elf-Barbarian (Grahim) and our Human Life-Cleric (Nandea).

Silaz had just finished up repairing/ making ornaments on a suit of armor for Nandea 

Silaz(IC) : Out of his bag , Silaz pulls a wonderfully ornamented Half-Plate. Symbols of [Nandea’s Godess] are embedded in on the Armguards and Chest - the chest area is perfectly fitted for Nandea’s chest size

Nandea(IC): With a look of disbelief Nandea loosk at the armor and thanks Silaz, slightly stuttering.

Grahim(OOC): When did you measure her chest ?

Silaz(OOC): “Intensive Observation”

Nandea(OOC) : You perverts !

Silaz(OOC): Orc sees , Orc likes

Look, I was going to stay out of THIS ONE list by @nostalgiaultra because opinions are opinions (and for future reference guys, please don’t tag me on stuff like this anymore like I really don’t need to See This), etc etc whatever – but boy, the straight-up factual inaccuracies in this post. I can’t do this.

(Reposting this separately because like I tried reblogging the original post but what the fuck has Tumblr been doing to my Read More coding shit I’m sorry. Also, directly hijacked posts are hell on the OP and I feel this so I’m starting my own chain here. To which the author of the list linked above is free to reply to if desired.)

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I met Mac McLeod in 1933.
And I witnessed up close the price of real change.

Watch the first trailer for In Dubious Battle, directed by and starring James Franco, with Nat Wolff, Bryan Cranston, Ed Harris, Robert Duvall, Selena GomezScott HazeSam Shepherd, Zach Braff, Ashley Greene, Josh Hutcherson, Analeigh Tipton, and Ahna O’Reilly.

Based on John Steinbeck’s novel and set to premiere next weekend at Venice Film Festival, the story follows Wolff as Jim Nolan, a young recruit who joins activist Mac McLeod to organize a group of California fruit-pickers oppressed by a ruthless tycoon. The drama chronicles their infiltration of the workers’ world, the ensuing strike, and how they both help and complicate the situation — and at what cost.

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What do you do? "I Got Music” 1995, Barbara Westman