anonymous asked:

haha uhm i wanna draw a seven deadly sins AU of QT, is it alright ? since it's kinda dark compare to the usual stuff

We actually did a seven deadly sins photoshoot once for a promotion of one of our songs ‘Darkest Sin’.

I was Lust, obviously.
Rave was Wrath, gee I wonder why.
Mitch was Gluttony, have you seen how much pizza he eats?
Joshua was Greed, he’s always bribing other people for their stuff.
Pizza is Sloth, he does nothing all day.
Maelstrom is Pride, he doesn’t stop looking in the mirror and acting tough.
And Sam is Envy, he hates it when we treat him like a kid haha. 

So sure, go ahead and draw us! Just show us afterwards, we’d love to see it!~


Nat. Nathan. What the hell, man?? That was just tha’ one time…!