Roll for dick

Making characters for a new campaign and player A asks how detailed I want character sheets to be. I respond fairly. Player A then asks what to roll for dick size, I laugh and respond 2 d6. He rolls a 12. Player B says he’s suspicious of player A. He asks if Player A is using natural roll enhancement. I then restrict dick limits to 10 (to be fair of course…)This game is a train wreck before it even starts…

@nat-the-songbird replied to your post: What is teeny Padawans favourite food?

Teeny Padawan being /horrified/ by how little Obi-Wan actually takes care of himself is my favorite thing lol I love her

She is!!!!! She’s like “who the fuck let this go on???? he wasn’t taught this in the creche who fucked up??” and obi-wan probably eventually says something about qui-gon being just as bad and she’s like “of fucking course!!!!!” throwing her hands up

i just imagine her throwing herself on her bed like “oh my god. men. i swear to the force. they’re going to be the death of themselves. i can’t deal with this. i’m surrounded by men and they’re all idiots.”

She and Ahsoka regularly get together to complain about their male masters being dumb idiots. They have sleepovers and lock Obi-Wan and Anakin out of the room because they’re not allowed to join.