ok but au where shiro and allura are both students at the garrison
  • allura is an exchange student who’s been accepted at the garrison, and immediately singles shiro out as the top of their class
  • shiro being like “who is this amazing beautiful girl - wAIT DID SHE JUST BEAT MY PILOTING SCORE”
  • just imagine them being highkey rivals trying to act lowkey
  • “you’re staring again shiro-” “i am not!” matt rolls his eyes
  • allura having a totally amazing squad tho, and her bestie is some guy name markus
  • (matt and markus have crushes on each other & share commiserating looks over their ridiculous friends)
  • shiro is officially Starstruck when he sees her benchpressing in the training room
  • a group project where they’re the only two who actually do shit brings them together as friends
  • long nights with lots of coffee cups and sharing study notes
  • allura falls for him slowly over little gestures (him memorizing her coffee order)
  • one day she doodles his name in the margins of her tablet notes and then remembers they always compare notes, freaks out and erases it
  • when shiro gets sick and has to miss class allura is the only one he trusts to take his notes (they just think on the same level), and vice versa
  • still having a healthy competition with lots of friendly flirting teasing
  • always giving each other compliments
  • they graduate top of their classes, tied neck and neck
  • they kiss for the first time when shiro is going to leave to go to Kerberos and they’re all stumbling over each other and he’s super flustered when trying to confess when allura just kisses him
  • “come back to me in one piece, takashi”
  • he doesn’t
Captain Swan Fic Recs | Holiday 2016: Christmas + New Years

Some of you may be aware of the fact that I originally created a masterpost for CS fic relating to the major fall/winter holidays with intentions of updating it periodically over the next few months. However, it looks as if Tumblr is dumb and only allows a certain amount of links per text post. Because of that, the original post is now only composed of Halloween + Thanksgiving related fic, which you can find here. As the title says, this list is only Christmas and New Years stories, and will (hopefully) be updated regularly as well.

Last update: 12-6-2016.


The Cancelled Flight by @nowforruin 

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (You Can Plan On Me) by @imhookedonaswan

The Best Christmas Dinner by @ripplestitchskein

If I Miss My Chance, I Didn’t Even Try by @belovedcreation 

Career Opportunities (In the Christmas Season) by @allrightfine

Like Real People Do by @cutieodonoghue

Let Your Heart Be Light by @once-uponacaptain

Seven Swans-a-Swimming by @initiala

Sugar and Spice by @nothandlingit

It’s For You by @the-captains-ayebrows

You Can Plan On Me by @killians-dimples

Bar Nights & Christmas Lights by @nowforruin

Home for Christmas by @startswithhope

Can You Feel It Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue

Never Hurts by @laschatzi

Home For Christmas (Home Forever) by @xhookswenchx

December Dreaming by @belovedcreation

The Christmas List by @xkristinaaann

I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas by @imhookedonaswan

And None for Emma Swan by @lexisclassy

All I Want for Christmas by @blakeycake

Seven Swans-a-Swimming by @julietsemophase

Let Your Heart Be Light by @nothandlingit

Santa’s Little Helper by @ooshka-babooshka

Underneath the Mistletoe by @xhookswenchx

Midnight Clear by @amiserablelove

Hey, Santa by @killians-dimples

All I Want For Christmas Is… by @lovethatshit

The Invitation by @kat2609

In My Dreams, I’m Christmasing With You by @captainmeerkat

I Really Can’t Stay (Baby, it’s Cold Outside) by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Working Our Way Home by @iswearoncolinodonoghue

I’ve Come Undone (The Sweater Fic) by @mryddinwilt

Sleep in Heavenly Peace by @mediumsizedfountain

Tis the Season for Love by @cutieodonoghue

Do I Wanna Know? by @bashful-killian

The Pirate’s Christmas Bounty by @jscoutfinch

Time of Miracles…Or Something Like That by @the-lady-of-misthaven

Merry Not Christmas by @oubliette14

Do You See What I See? by @msgenevieve447

Merry Belated Christmas by @euphoric-melancholyy

It Wasn’t Fake For Me by @i-was-never-nothing

Frolic and Play, the Eskimo Way by @killians-dimples

Gifts, Large and Small by @acrobat-elle

Hope Smiles From the Threshold by @alchemistc

All I Want for Christmas by @kat2609

My Only Wish by @therealkillianjones

Claws Out by @lifeinahole27

Daddy Bear by @effulgentcolors

The Gift by @startswithhope

Untitled by @killianslonghaul

Traditions by @winter-by-the-sea

A Very Happy Ending by @hookwillalwaysfindemma

Carol of the Bells by @alchemistc

Where the Love Light Gleams by @once-uponacaptain

Lovely Branches by @mahstatins

Tis the Season by @effulgentcolors

Haircut by @xerxesrises

Pillaging, Plundering, and Layaway by @searchingwardobes

The Gift of Christmas by @optomisticgirl

Lukewarm, Maybe by @joneskillian

All I Want Is Us by @high-seas-swan

Chinese Food Is An Acceptable Christmas Meal by @emmaswanchoosesyou

New Years:

The Strike of Midnight In Storybrooke by @piratesprincess85

What Are You Doing New Years Eve (New Years Eve) by @killians-dimples

New Years Eve by @tnlph

Snowed In at the Airport on NYE by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

City Chic by @phiralovesloki

The Year Ends (The World Begins) by @dancingbeetle

Resolution by @justanotherwannabeclassic

New Year’s by @timelessinstorybrooke

What Are You Doing New Years? by @reaperwriter

New Year’s Eve by @oldyellowbug

I’m a Survivor, Darling by @dragon_of_winterfell

First Day of My Life by @piratesails

Untitled by @alchemistc

Imagine your OTP is on a school trip to Hawaii for the weekend and unfortunately find out that everyone flew back to the continent, leaving them behind. How long does it take to figure out they’re stranded (and who’s the one to say it)? How long does it take to convince teachers, chaperones, and other adult supervision that were on the trip that this isn’t a joke (April Fool’s joke, even) when Person A calls the school? What do they do after plans to go home are figured out?

anonymous asked:

ok, hear me out. so, i'm in marching band and play the alto sax too!! n those things can be fuckin dangerous. if they slip outta ur hands, the mouthpiece can clock u in the mouth or cheek and either bruise ur face or bust ur lip open (it's happened to me multiple times,) and so just. imagine after a game rob n sport planned to hang out so they do but rob shows up w a busted lip n sport freaks out like, "are u ok what happened???" n a Very Embarrassed robbie has to explain tht his sax slipped


sporto got so scared the first time he saw it but he learned to carry around band aids for robbie cause he hurts himself a lot


I was talking to a few friends and even Ezra Weisz, the English Dub Director, about this idea I had inspired by the Sailor Moon Masquerade Ball. If I were to ask you… would you be interested in going to a Miraculous Ball based on the Cinderella AU? I know this is a long shot, but if enough people show interest, there might be a possibility to make this happen! You can cosplay formal versions of the characters or even your own OC’s! So… would you? It would most likely be held in Los Angeles, California. There would be an age requirement. 13+ (If you are younger than 18, a parent or guardian MUST attend as well)

Cinderella AU and art by: @piku-chan

FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hGQ8C6PN2H48kRpMdZ9TElcXp_EGKC0qqpvT7fjNq44/edit?usp=sharing

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I'm not sure if you do headcanons but Wolfstar + Youtuber AU? I leave it up to you but maybe something like Sirius has a music channel (covers or instrument tutorials) and Remus reviews books idk and they're obviosuly Youtuber boyfriends? Sorry if my English isn't too good. Thanks :D

I haven’t before, but I totally can! ;P 

- Pls omg Sirius is totally a Beauty Channel (at least initially) 
- He has this tendency to sing when he’s doing makeup so it makes it into a few videos and his subscribers are o/c like ‘pls do some covers??’
- Sirius, for all that he is an attention-seeker, thriving under the spotlight like sunflowers do in the sunlight, is surprisingly rather shy about his singing
- He’ll happily belt out something intentionally awful, but as soon as he’s actually trying he gets nervous about what people think
- James his bff and actual soulmate convinces him to do a cover of Not Alone (Darren Criss)
- Naturally it Blows. Up. 
- Sirius is flustered with all the praise, but starts to add some more covers to his channel.
- This song is how Sirius comes to Remus’ attention.

- Remus reviews books. 
- He’s snarky af. Which his subscribers love. He’ll tear bland hetero-normative novels to shreds.
- He gets super cute and enthusiastic when hes reviewing and recommending great queer novels. He can’t stop moving his hands about and playing with his hair and his face hurts from grinning. He has cute dipples which people love to comment about.
- He also does readings from books and he has the Most. Soothing. Voice. 
- He gets some requests to do some ASMR videos of him reading.
- His first ASMR video gets a ton of attention, people can’t get over the deep, soothing, spine tingling warmth of his voice. 
- His ASMR video is how he comes to Sirius’ attention.

- James sometimes has trouble sleeping and he looks into ASMR as a way to relax
- This is how he comes across Remus’ ASMR reading video
- He literally goes bounding over to tell Sirius about this youtuber with the sexiest voice ever. Seriously Sirius.
- Sirius hasn’t really been about ASMR before but Remus has converted him. Holy shit he feels the tingles from his head to his toes. Is it the ASMR thing or is it just b/c Remus has a super hot voice? He does not know. He does not care.
- Then he checks out Remus’ other videos. The first one he watches is one of Remus’ super cute recommendation videos and he swears his heart stops. 
- It has got to be illegal to be that attractive. 
- Even just a normal video with Remus’ voice has his stomach squirming pleasantly.
- He leaves a comment on the video, that to sum up is basically like ‘You are illegally attractive what the fuck’

- Now Remus is all about background music to his life, even when he’s reading he’ll have something on just so he’s not sitting in complete silence.
- He likes to check out covers and original songs on youtube, b/c there’s always the opportunity to discover someone new.
- Sirius’ video comes up on his recommendation list
- Now Remus will tell anyone who asks that he clicked on the video b/c he’s a fan of the original song
- This is a lie.
- Remus got one look at the thumbnail of the too good looking to be real youtuber and had to click.
- Mostly he intended to drool over their looks b/c you can’t be that pretty and talented, right?
- Wrong.
- The only thing that could distract Remus from Sirius’ to die for looks, was his voice.
- Remus’ is a bit shyer about commenting, and despite wanting to he does not send a message that would have amounted to ‘You can do anything you want to me as long as you sing’
- Imagine his heart when he happens to notice a comment from Sirius when he’s going through his comments.
- He needs a medic b/c oh my god the hot guy has commented on his video, and thinks hes hot too? This cannot be real. Abort abort.
- After contacting Lily and all but screaming to her about what he should do?? how does he handle this??? he sends a response.

- After a few flirtatious comments back an forth in Remus’ comments they decide to move it out of the public eye, because holy hell people are noticing and it’s awkward as fuck.
- Already they’ve got shippers trying to coin a name for them. (They settle on WolfStar based off the boys channel names).
- They swap user names on WhatsApp or Kik or something 

- Much to the strain on both their overly excited hearts it turns out they both live in London.
- James and Lily each have to suffer through the excitement and angsting from their friend over what Wolfstar is going to do
- (Bonus: James was totally the one who coined Wolfstar)
- (Bonus: Lily and James start chatting online b/c they’re making snarky comments about Wolfstar and notice each other.)
- (They end up exchanging numbers and complain to the other about their best friend.)
- Sirius is the one who suggests they meet up.
- They decide on a Karaoke bar b/c it’s fun and casual (and Remus totally does not have ulterior motives. Nope.)
- James and Lily are invited for moral support.
- James and Lily are having the time of their lives laughing over how awkward their best friends are being.
- James: [Sirius has just spent four hours going through his clothes for the perfect outfit. i have to critic every. single. one. kill me.]
Lily: [Omfg same. Remus has spent at least an hour on his hair and keeps asking me if it’s okay. It doesn’t look any different than usual??? I’m just like “You look gorgeous babe.” and then he goes back to doing his hair????] 

- When they meet up Remus nearly gets kicked b/c he just starts laughing when he sees Sirius.
- Sirius thinks its because he’s short. It’s not. (Mostly).
- It’s nervous laughter. Remus keeps trying to apologise and explain through his giggles that it’s just because he’s super excited and nervous.
- Sirius forgives him b/c he has a nice laugh.
- They literally spend the entire night holding hands??? Unless they go up to sing separately. But even then its hard to let go.
- Like, Sirius impulsively grabbed Remus’ hand to help with his nerves. Upon realising what he’d done he got embarrassed, but Remus wouldn’t let him go and told him he liked it.
- (Their hands are both super sweaty and they both basically silently agree to ignore it and not mention it.)
- (James gets a wet patch on his shirt when Sirius touches his shoulder, and he’s just “I don’t want to know.”)
- They have a really great night and actually exchange numbers finally. 
- Remus goes to give Sirius a kiss on his cheek. And misses???
- He gets his nose somehow.
- James and Lily are in the background cackling whilst Wolfstar goes bright fucking red.

- They start texting nightly after that.
- Sirius is a serial texter and just spams Remus’ inbox. Remus tbh doesn’t mind, he likes knowing Sirius is thinking of him.
- Except when its just like 20 memes in a row. Sirius, why.
- They tend to go out on super casual cliche dates, like to coffee shops and museums.
- (James and Lily are ‘officially’ bf and gf before Remus and Sirius get around to being boyfriends.)
- Their fans are super in suspense and there are so many questions about what is going on b/c after the comments from both in Remus’ video they disappeared offline and never mentioned it. But occasionally a fan spotted them together and it just spread the rumours even more. (They’d both refused to publically comment on it until they’d sorted through it themselves).
- The internet goes wild when they post their first video together as boyfriends.
- (It’s Remus doing the “My boyfriend does my make up Challenge” on Sirius.)

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap for now. I hope it’s what you were looking for friend. (It got a bit longer than I expected, but I couldn’t stop.) <3