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Quarrie Sex Speculator Anon (QSSA) again. In my scenario, sex can happen on episodes 9 or 10, but they won't end together bc 1) that's HL, so NO "happy" ending yet, 2) with two more seasons to go and if RF stays, which I hope he will, they will push CQ resolution to the very end (whether they will end up together I'm not able to say right now). That's just an idea. Btw I also like to hear others point of view, I'm not a HL expert so it keeps my brain working :)

Hey QSSA, since you said you like to hear other opinions, I, @whatthefareudoing, am going to take this one!

I can also see the sex happening early, around episodes 3 or 4, just because the build up is starting to reach ridiculous proportions. But I can also see it happening later, definitely by episode 10. This depends on how long Quinn will actually be staying at Carrie’s, and how much they interact in the episodes even if he only stays there for a short while. If they are really living under the same roof, them not having sex pretty early would just be really unrealistic. They are two adults who love each other and have physical attraction and a magnetic pull towards each other, so anything else would be wholly unrealistic and, frankly, dumb. Since Gansa said Quinn’s storyline this season would be infused with the tension of his daily interaction with Carrie, I’m pretty sure they will interact a lot. I said earlier I’m about 70/30 on the subject, but I think I just talked myself into 90/10 LOL.

I also think they might be torn apart in the finale, and my feeling is it won’t happen earlier, just because their relationship has been the cliffhanger for the past two seasons, and it’s pretty much the only thing that keeps the audience emotionally engaged from season to season. And the only thing that keeps us awake at night and writing blogs and tweeting about this show during the endless hiatus months!

I’m not sure how the show will end, but I do think Carrie and Quinn are endgame, and I don’t see any reason Rupert wouldn’t stay, but that isn’t necessarily the same thing as a happily ever after. I don’t really like to think that far ahead, I like to tackle this show season by season!

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QSSA again. I agree Q isn't going to stay for very long at C's but this short period will be important for them, after that they're going to interact a lot and this will bring "the tension" Gansa said. That's why my guess for CQ sex is on last episodes and I don't mean a casual hookup, on the contrary, it'll be such meaningful, after all what happened, it has to be. I think their split is going to be bc of a mix of internal/external issues. And we wait til S7 to see these dumbs reunited again :)

Wait, did someone say he would stay at Carrie’s for only a short while? I don’t think we did. But he might, I just don’t think any of us over here at WTH have a strong opinion on this yet. What @sensemisapplied probably meant is that Quinn will not spend his days moping around at Carrie’s, he will have something keeping him busy at some point. Even IF he is still staying with her. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he did? Then he would move from the sofa to the bedroom…

I can see the split being a mix of external and internal things, too. Actually I can see all three scenarios working (internal/external/mixed) if done right. But I’m still saying the sexy times will come sooner, because, like @sensemisapplied  pointed out earlier, if they break up or are torn apart in the season finale or episode 11, we will need to have seen a happy period so the break-up will be all the more heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.