honestly seeing men cry is kind of beautiful. and not in a misandrist way i just love it when men are able to acknowledge and express their emotions and feel secure enough to trust other people to see it

pros and cons of GSAs/QSAs

presented in backwards order by the queer + nb trans vice president of a GSA:


  • entitled allies will show up
  • it could do nothing
  • people who are allies to/in the queer community but not necessarily to the trans community exist and will come
  • people will be uneducated or use gross language without always realizing how harmful it is
  • allies might try to talk over people who identify
  • a lot of cis queer people that show up will get butthurt when the topic changes to trans issues and they don’t have as much of a say in things as the actual trans people do


  • it can be a safe space for people who do identify to learn and discover themselves
  • a place to talk about troubles and seek advice
  • allies that aren’t so great can learn how to do better
  • spreading awareness is important and you really have to push to have your GSA/QSA be visible on campus so people learn not to other us because we are here and we are queer and we’re not going away
  • friends!!! you can make so many friends who also identify and help others realize they are some sort of MOGAI identity and help them in their lives and share experiences!
  • organizing events based around queer observances and holidays and participating in/creating inclusive events in your local community
  • bring guest speakers to speak to large groups of people at the school as a whole! educate all of them!
  • i cannot stress enough the educational value of GSAs/QSAs when done right for both people in the MOGAI community and people who aren’t you can learn so much from a good GSA you really really can

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urgent-- I've been made a QSA leader at my school, and i'm super excited. but, this means they'll introduce me in front of the whole school and i'll be expected to share my preferred name and pronouns. I don't want to lie... but everyone at my school thinks i'm a cis girl whose just bisexual when i'm actually a transgender dude. i'm really scared to come out...

Charlie says:

You are/should be under no obligation to come out at any time under any circumstances.  I think it would be very practical to talk to your teachers, or whoever is in charge of this event where you’ll need to introduce yourself, and tell them that coming out is not in the books for you and ask the event to change.  

This might be a good time to introduce yourself by your name and maybe mention that sharing pronouns is never a must? or that you should ask people their preferred pronouns at a time when you’re alone with them to avoid putting them on the spot?  Just some thoughts.  Good luck <3

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I live in an area where queer ppl being assaulted is fairly common (religion is a big deal here) and I don't know anyone who's had queer shouted at them as a slur. my friends and I have been called homos, dykes, faggots, gay bitches, and a hell of a lot more but queer was never something we were attacked with. The first time I even heard the word queer was at a QSA meeting. I grew up with queer as the word my attackers were afraid to say so this stuff is. weird tbh.

I’m so sorry that you live in such a harsh area, that’s awful. Stay strong, buddy, you’re amazing!!

Honestly I hope that people who come to my blog to pick a fight about that post find all these little messages and think to themselves that maybe the way they see the world is not how it is for everyone.

oh Man i haven’t made a post on here in a while so!!! i dropped a class. i would’ve failed it. i’m currently trying to not fail another but it’s fine. tonight is qsa elections and im Running and im Terrified but i’ve written my speech and thought abt it a lot so?? that’s the best i can do. i also was so sick todya that i had to skip class and reschedule an appointment, then i threw up 9 (nine) times. seems unneccessary right? that’s what i tohught. i was going to comment how i misspelled that word but then i said tohught. im shaky cause im hongry but i cant eat and im super super nervous aaaaaaaaaaand that’s abot it. im just super nervous.

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urgent? i was picked to be a QSA leader and I'm super excited. but they're going to introduce me as the new leader in front of the whole school and i'll be expected to say my name and pronouns to introduce myself. i don't want to lie... but everyone at school thinks i'm a butch lesbian and they don't know my real name/pronouns. i'm really scared of coming out...

Your best option might be to lie and pretend, like you’re in a musical or play. You could pretend you’re just playing a part. Or you could try to come out beforehand, which would be easier. It would probably be your worst option to come out like that to your school, unless you’d want to just get it over with and have everyone in one place for it. I don’t know what you should do, but whatver happens, good luck and be careful.


theracody  asked:

I can't actually read it for a few hours, but what kind of situations have you been in as a result of accepting offers from people? Sounds like it could go very well or very poorly lol

Well, one incident involved me awkwardly tagging along with a group of people that I barely knew from my university bc I was the only person at the qsa meeting that night besides them and a member of their group asked if I wanted to go get bubble tea with them afterwards. I was so caught off guard that I said yes, and I ended up lurking in silence for like half an hour making really painful small talk. In addition to that it was pouring outside and I had an essay to do that I was forced to postpone because of the socialization. And now I’m pretty sure the entire group is trying to avoid me bc they think I’m gonna cling to their legs or smth when really I would be content forgetting that anything ever happened. 

Another incident involved me deciding to add this girl on snapchat despite not knowing her. (she was someone I saw while swiping through tinder and I was feeling courageous and convinced myself that it would be fine to just add her bc guys add me all the time even though we don’t match so why shouldn’t I be allowed to do it too?) Well, turns out it was a bad fucking idea because she immediately started acting somewhat manipulative towards me and just creepy in general and would do shit like send a video (of her badly lip syncing usually), tell me to watch it and give feedback, then accuse me of not actually watching it?? 

But anyways. All of this was happening near my birthday and somehow, I forget the exact things that led up to it, she figured that out. And I made the mistake of mentioning that my birthdays are always a negative time for me because it’s at the beginning of the semester when everyone is busy so no one remembers it at all and i just kinda sit there alone. And she? asks me if I like crepes and want to go do something with her for my birthday. 

Of course, since I’m oblivious I figure she’s talking about one of the crepe shops/stands in the town she lives in (which is close to my university), and I say that sure, it sounds fine. And then she says, okay come to my house and I’ll make you crepes for your birthday.

Now, I was hit with immediate regret, obviously, bc this girl was a stranger and weird af (to be blunt). And she’s inviting me to her house? But I didn’t want to back out, I was afraid to, so instead I just went to my friend @gartheo so that I could borrow his self defense cat (one of those brass knuckle type things, you know?). 

Long story short, he was hanging out with me before I was supposed to go over to her house to help calm my nerves and to walk with me over to where I needed to be and he ended up going inside with me so that I wouldn’t have to endure the experience alone. The girl ended up flirting with him most of the time, and I am really grateful that he helped me dodge a bullet because I seriously would have died if I was on my own. 

She didn’t even know how to make crepes? I had to help her and I kept messing up or smth because I also don’t fucking know how to make crepes. 

Anyways, the whole thing was outrageously uncomfortable and I ended up unfriending her on snapchat soon afterwards bc she was posting videos of herself masturbating and shit and I’m not about that life. 

(idk if @gartheo wants to add on anything abt this since he was there, but yeah)

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in my mind being a lesbian sounds super cool! but i'm only 16 and never met any lesbians i'm attracted to, tbh i only know 2 lesbians at my school at all. i don't know of any qsa or lgbt groups near me for my age and i feel like i'll never actually meet anyone. i'm a mess

hey girl! you’re still really young so i wouldn’t worry too much about it; you literally have your entire life ahead of you!! when i was 16 i was literally the only lesbian i knew besides celebrities like ellen lmao. but in college i joined a bunch of lgbt groups/clubs and now i have a pretty big network of lesbians and bi girls that i know. 

you’re bound to be attracted to another gay/bi girl in the future! a lot of lgbt ppl in high school aren’t as out as they are in college so it’s rough and i definitely understand how you feel but i promise you’ll meet someone in the future! and in the meantime don’t rush to get into a relationship; it’ll happen when it does and there’s no specific age or time you need. 

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Ace OCs! I have an OC named Conner Moreno. He's a Latino gay ace guy and he's super active in his local QSA. He's also a Poli Sci major and an activist. He has ADHD, which he tries to channel into something useful but it's a process. His bf is a q*eer trans guy named Dorian. Conner was crushing on Dorian way before he came out, so when he did Conner was just like, "oh thank god you're a boy I don't have to obsess over my sexuality anymore." Their relationship is great even tho Dorian isn't ace!

Oooh, that sounds super interesting!

–Mod Mercy