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When you get this, it would be cool if you could post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers!! :)

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1. I’m real short–5′1″. So’s my mom, but my sister’s 5′8″.

2. I’ve lived in three countries.

3. The first book I remember picking out for myself was the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. I was 4.

4. I’m left-handed.

5. I’m an excellent baker and am officially in charge of all Thanksgiving pies/any holiday dessert in general.

6. I’m a super fast reader and I attribute it to HP, each of which I read in increasingly short increments of time. I read the first when I was six in 3 days and the last when I was 16 in four and a half hours.

7. My closet is in color order.

8. I have a habit of injuring myself in really stupid ways. I sprained my ankle falling up the stairs, tore my meniscus literally just standing up, and I broke a toe climbing over a seat in an auditorium during a presentation by the sheriff’s department. Also I’ve broken seven bones.

9. My dream great American road trip is to pick up old route 66 in downtown Chicago, take it all the way out to LA, take the coastal highway up and then pick up route 6, which goes out to the end of Cape Cod.

10. I’m out of things, this is hard. Um…I’m really good at jeopardy and crosswords and scrabble and other generally word and trivia-related things.

Um dia, alguém vai aparecer e vai derrubar esses muros que você construiu em torno do seu coração. E quando o amor voltar para você, deve fazer todo o possível para lutar por ele.
—  Shadowhunters.
É estranho ler conversas e se sentir sendo trocado por pessoas novas. É até engraçado tudo isso, as pessoas transmitem uma sensação de que tem mais a oferecer do que você e você, ah, você sente mal, acabado. As coisas perdem o sentido e seu peito fica frio.
—  Sorry, I’m not guilty.