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How do you learn IPA? Any good sources? What is Atchgö? Any good sources?

Here’s the main websites I’ve used recently for IPA:

Apart from that I have several intro to linguistics textbooks for German/English that I’m too tired to find the ISBNs for right now, but which I use to focus on phonetics/phonology in general

ätchgö is my conlang, a language I’ve been making up since 2012/13 that currently has only a handful of online sources which you can find under the tags ätchgö ätchgögwet gwetchöl urungwet on my page, which translate to ätchgö, ätchgö language, language of mine and original constructed language respectively. (:

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hey dear!!! I'm having a space themed birthday party & I'll wear a holographic bodysuit. could you find any cool skirts & accessories that fit this theme? (if the skirt was sheer it'd be a plus!!) u r the best

so i went a step further and im rly in to a clear skirt look w this and it sounds so fucking cool plz send me pix 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Could you go over the Atchgö phonological system?

I’m still working on writing it out at the moment (and will be more prosperous once my IPA knowledge is better), but here’s what we’re generally working with:

a’et = a-sound = vowel(s)

b’et = b-sound = consonant(s)

Important basic notes on pronunciation:

  • double letters are pronounced twice, except rr which sounds like an r rolling into a d, and a double rr (as in ‘lahrrrr) is a whole nother thing entirely. people who could not pronounce this would say a dd
  • if a consonant is isolated, it will often have an uh sound after it as will two consonants next to each other & isolated vowels are often followed with an h sound; ex: the h- vocative prefix is pronounced like huh and bl would be buh luh as in the following sentence

         kogöl wal’l h-bl’ai 

         I think of them, dear

  • whether the two sh sounds listed are different sounds is a debate amongst ätchgöan scholars
  • several letters are only/mostly used as prefixes pronounced separately from the word as for example the g in galt

*Note: my notes on this are still incomplete and just in overview format for now*

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Maybe tell a baking pun to Miss Marinette? She'd probably appreciate something more her element. OOOOH or even a fashion pun!

I guess I could try. My food jokes are kinda crumby though

and I could try that too, that seams more up her alley

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Does it make me weird that the first thing that I thought of when I saw your (completely heart-destroying, you monster how dare you make something of such cuteness) mini-comic was "how the heck did he get in past her without her noticing did he break in through a downstairs window or did he knock on their front door and was like, 'sup, I'm Chat Noir, how do you do, Mr./Mrs. Dupain-Cheng I'm here to have cuddles with your daughter.'"?


i imagine what would go down if he did come through the front door.

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6, 9, & 11 :)

6. Fluffiest femslash ship

YIKES all of my ships are TRAGIC. um. Can I say htp!shoot? 

9. Saddest femslash ship

I mean Root/Shaw has the potential to fuck me up a lot, but they’re not always necessarily super angsty? OH OF COURSE. Bo/Tamsin. I couldn’t watch 5b because apparently it was TERRIBLE.

11. A femslash guilty pleasure

I don’t really know what this means……… like I know a lot of my ships are garbage but I don’t really feel guilty about them? I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, just enjoy your garbage who gives a fuck. But idk does Fred/Lilah count as this? Maybe.

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What are some careers that are focused on languages, but not the teaching aspect?

You could get into translating, interpreting, screenplay/travel writing, subtitling, writing, journalism, editing, speech pathology, research analysis, archaeology, website design, international travel, international politics and a lot more.  

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Your hair is black as night, your pretty bluebell eyes. I wonder who you are beneath that strong disguise. Every day we see each other and I hope that you'll be mine. Together our love could be so true, please will you be my valentine?

i should probably be more careful next time I decide to throw my love letters into fkn puBLic trashcans iM SUCH A DUMBASS

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The parallels between battlestar galactica are so awesome!

AREN’T THEY THOUGH??? They’re SO AWESOME, I really don’t get people who are upset by the fact that The 100 has fucking great allusions to other things, like… it’s just really awesome, why are you mad?????