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My Resident Evil Homage Room

I’ve included a Resident Evil themed room at the “Gonzo TV” entertainment center in my town.

It’s merely based on the classic games. So you got a safe room with a typewriter and a “magic” item box. An office with a shotgun hanging from a frame on the wall. And a bathroom with a tub that may or not hold a key in it. Also notice health herbs & a note on the ground. Typical survival horror stuff.

I couldn’t add Actual B.O.W.s to this room, so I’ve added pictures of a Licker and of that famous zombie from the PSXOne’s RE1.

Also, I’ve included a framed picture of Lord Saddler above the fireplace. Just like the ones you see in Resident Evil 4. Oh! and there’s a picture of Jill Valentine on that board.

If you have Animal Crossing for the 3DS and want to check this room out, here’s the Dream Address:



Friday Designs!

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether you’ve got someone or are flyin’ solo this year I’ve got just the right designs for you! This week I bring you several pink sweaters with various heart designs, as well as a couple design that states you <3 whoever is to your right or left! Finally, for a more refined Valentine’s outfit, I made a red blazer with choice of red or black tie!

Come back next Friday for another design, and as always, reblog if you like/use!

You can find all of my designs here

Thanks to my valentine, @celadon-crossing for modeling with me


So here it is, my second Animal Crossing set. This is the Resident Evil set featuring, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and a bonus, the Umbrella Corporation Umbrella!
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