qr step stone


Because I was up to my eyeballs in finishing illustration work for a tight deadline, I hadn’t had any time to work on paths. WELL NOW I DO! YAY!

These are the first two spring tiles I’ve done since the snow melted. I’m planning to do more to match, including different stepping stones, and a little stream edged in flowers. Keep an eye out for them! 


My last post of my stepping stone QRs was popular so I went ahead and made some more seasonal variations. 

Summer matches July 6th-September 7th, September (”sept”) matches September 8th-15th, and Early Fall (”e.fall”) matches September 16th-October 16th. You can learn more about how grass changes throughout the year from this guide.

Keep in mind that because the color of the grass can change a lot with the time of day, weather, and level of wear these QR codes will not always perfectly match. I tried to create fairly “average” patterns that should look okay a decent amount of time.

If you’d like the see more seasonal variations of this path, check out this post (spring, winter, later fall).


I made some stepping stones last time the grass colour changed, but I kept forgetting to take screenshots. The pattern is made to blend in perfectly on triangular grass, but will hopefully also look alright on other shapes. The second one is made to match dirt, but it doesn’t blend that well in sunny weather.

I’ll make updates to it as the seasons change.


Redbean’s paths to blend with the grass for October 17th - November 1st!

Sorry I posted this a little bit late, I’ve been busy with stuff and things but I found time to fix these up!

Find all of my other paths here, and have a fab day!

Stepping Stone Fleur

Remember that one time when I made some flowered stepping stones? Well, I made a new one! this one has a bit darker grass that soooort of comes close to matching the grass in my town (okay, it’s not that close, but what can you do) with white/yellow flowers. I’ve included a screenshot of the create a pattern view so you if you want to make you own and/or change up the colors you can use it as a guideline! If I can find the time I maaaaay design a plain flower/grass pattern to go with it (like my old patterns had). We’ll see, though :p


First attempt at making ACNL paths! A simple little path/stepping stone set designed to complement the paving stones surrounding buildings. I’ll progressively add updated versions as grass colours change so that there’s eventually a full set for year round.

Colours for Mid to Late October
Colours for Early November onwards