qr codes are great but not that great


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~


We made WWII Cap and SSR Peggy Carter QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Free for any star-spangled folks to use.

We accept requests here


are u asexual? do u play animal crossing? do u constantly feel the need to show how proud u r about being ace? if u answered yes to all of the above, ur in luck! with this dress made by me, u can flaunt that asexualness to all of ur fellow town citizens!! like bruno mars once said, “if ur asexual, then flaunt it” have fun, and remember kids, acE IS GREAT(CE)! also i’m thinkin about making more with other LGBTQ+ flags and stuff?? maybe i will. maybe i wont…..