My friend Yuuka had finally uploaded some pictures of IPL onto facebook and here are some of the things I had to take out~ Haha. Some were taken by her, one of our friends, a stranger but all the cosplayer pics were me haha. She was a bit distracted by the computers and was playing a game. When we ended up in the Star Craft room, we realized we were right next to the Championships trophy LOL. Soooo first thing on our mind? Steal it? J/k haha. It was to take pictures of it~

Ffff. QQChrystal makes the best hats ever! And TPA has the nicest members ever LOL. I feel really bad though. Because the rest of World Elite was there but we were in the smallest Panda Express ever. And there wasn’t a lot of room. And we actually had to run to go look at the rest of the matches D: If only we also had seen that all of them were there. OTL. We felt like dicks after that.

My hair was being really difficult that weekend. aweoifa. My bangs just were being uncooperative LOL. They’re getting too long.