This year’s FanimeCon Artist Alley is going to have a LOT of League.

FanimeCon (May 23-26)

San Jose McEnery Convention Center, CA

Tables #608-612

So a bunch of League fan artists and I will be grouped together this weekend at FanimeCon Artist Alley!  Expect posters, prints, buttons, bookmarks, plushies, and hats of your favorite champions.  POSSIBLE Sky, Lilypichu, and Kalcedonyx appearances as well ; )

I personally will be selling League buttons and prints, as well as Smash 4 buttons and a few other game/anime prints.  I’m super excited to see all of you again, and meet any new faces.  If you have free time, please come stop by and say hi!

UGUUBEAR: http://uguubearscave.storenvy.com/

SADE: http://www.facebook.com/ffSade

QQCHRYSTAL: http://www.facebook.com/QQChrystal

JUSTDUET: http://justduet.tumblr.com/

LAUREN: https://www.facebook.com/baetrix


My friend Yuuka had finally uploaded some pictures of IPL onto facebook and here are some of the things I had to take out~ Haha. Some were taken by her, one of our friends, a stranger but all the cosplayer pics were me haha. She was a bit distracted by the computers and was playing a game. When we ended up in the Star Craft room, we realized we were right next to the Championships trophy LOL. Soooo first thing on our mind? Steal it? J/k haha. It was to take pictures of it~

Ffff. QQChrystal makes the best hats ever! And TPA has the nicest members ever LOL. I feel really bad though. Because the rest of World Elite was there but we were in the smallest Panda Express ever. And there wasn’t a lot of room. And we actually had to run to go look at the rest of the matches D: If only we also had seen that all of them were there. OTL. We felt like dicks after that.

My hair was being really difficult that weekend. aweoifa. My bangs just were being uncooperative LOL. They’re getting too long.

QQ Chrystal turned 2! 

Hello once again fellow Summoners~!

Can you believe it has already been a year since I first opened?!
I am so grateful for having such amazing fans and the League community supporting my love for League of Legends and inspiring me to grow all year~!

Now I would like to give back to you!
Head over to my (Facebook) & click on the tab “Giveaways” up on the top and enter the chances to win one of the following prizes.

I’m really excited for who ever wins the “Mystery Prize” because it is a new project I’ve been working with AskPCM 

http://bit.ly/Ux1Rfb (mobile-friendly)

Winners will be Announced on February 28th.
Good Luck~!

My 2nd Artist Alley! Come by & say Hello~!


1. Just stop by!

2. Write your name, e-mail and IGN (In Game Name) in League on the provided slip at my table.

3. I will draw a winner at the end of each Artist Alley day (total of 4 winners) and notify them via e-mail at the end of the con.

4. You can only enter once per day (total of 4 entries)

5. Enjoy the Con :D