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Countdown to Vernon’s birthday D-1 (Vernon through the eras)

Boom Boom

“If I am in your heart
If I am really in your heart
Wherever you are
I will follow you

Even if we’re so busy
That we can’t see each other often
If we get drunk on each other and fall asleep
In the dreams, don’t hesitate
Lean on me

We are doing well
So have strength
Even if you wake up from your dreams
If I’m really in your heart
Wherever you are
I’ll be there”

Huge thank you to @tookorean for handwriting the lyrics and drawing the doodles! 


Yeah, let’s become shinigami.

This is for Ankoro-san who beautifully translated one of my other RenRuki fanarts so I was able to upload it on pixiv. Again, thank you so much!

Maybe Rukia was the one who found that spot where they buried their friends? I would love to know their names. 

EDIT: Okay because this was mentioned: The last picture *wasn’t* drawn with the intention that they are disrespectful to their friends. I just wanted to make them look happy which was the goal all five of them had. I am sorry if the last image holds the possibility of an ambigious interpretation. 


For my first attempt at pixel art, I drew Quiet to the best of my ability (my favorite buddy in MGSV, she’s badass af). I’m happy with how it came how; pixel art is pretty fun yo

The first is the image file flattened to jpg, second is a zoomed in screenshot. The first one should be transparent :D

Edit: First image is in fact NOT transparent, fuck my entire life