I’m sorry I didn’t have any posts queued over summer, I wasn’t counting on not having internet access.  I spent the summer at home with my family, we didn’t really do much, but it was awesome to see my brother and sister again. I miss them all the time.

Another school year started, and it finally looks like it’s gonna be nice. I’m only taking twelve hours (Dialogues in Immigration, Mexican-American Policy, African-American Literature I, and Peers for Pride) and I’m working in the Multicultural Engagement Center, so it should be pretty cool. And my professor for African-American Lit. is trans (and focuses on critical race theory) and has promised to help me with my MFA application.

I’m really looking forward to Peers for Pride, which is a peer facilitation program here at UT where the first semester we study queer oppression and the second semester we write monologues about queer identities that we perform all over campus. I want to have a happy trans monologue, a genderqueer one specifically, because all the trans characters that have been performed before were all incredibly tragic and binary.

QPOCA’s going to be a hell of a challenge this year, our advisor left and I’m the only returning officer. Two of our best past officers are still around to advise us, but they don’t have the same official access they did last year.  We’re also going to bring Cherrie Moraga to campus, which is going to take a hell of a lot of fundraising.  That’s not happening until February, but I’m already nervous and excited and anxious for everything to happen. I mean, I have no idea what I’m going to say to her but I want to talk to her so, so much.  She’s one of my greatest inspirations and influences.

Also, QPOCA at UT now has a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/#!/qpocatexas, you should follow us) and is going to meet every other Wednesday starting next week in the MEC.

High Points of the Week

Going to Austin Poetry Slam

Being inspired to write again(!)

Writing slam poems (which I’ve never done before)

Going with the performers to Kerbey Lane and staying for hours and hours

QPOCA Meeting

*QPOCA Meeting with FREE FOOD

Making copies of vaginas for next week’s feminist event

Uh, my non-prescription hormones came in. (Yeah, there’s going to be a post about that)

Today is a low-dysphoria day (I’m wearing a fairly small dress)

Hug from Katherine

Watching Meg work out (and remembering why I’m not athletic)

Getting my cat (I should probably post about that)