I really wanna give a big hand to all the trans performers around the world, especially the young, inexperienced, up and coming, and sometimes closeted trans performers out there.

The trans actors who get miscast and try their best to be comfortable with roles that make them dysphoric

The trans singers who have incredible voices but they just aren’t in the right range to make them feel proud

The trans dancers who feel disrespected by the roles given in their choreography (especially partner dancing or sexualized choreography)

Just the trans performers who, whether out or not, really do have to adhere to strict gender roles to be respected when they perform to make sure they get the parts they deserve. Those who feel like there is no real place for them in the art world, and who still have to face the same struggle cis performers and artists do on top of that.

You are all incredibly talented and the hands you get dealt by those who don’t respect you do not at all reflect your abilities or talents. You will get to where you want to be soon and you will flourish and prosper as the best you possible. You are astonishing and deserve the world.


Toronto Pride just voted to ban police floats from pride festivities, putting QPOC needs first

  • Pride Toronto voted to ban police from official participation in future pride parades, Vice reports. 
  • The vote to ban police comes only a few months after queer people of color within Black Lives Matter Toronto protested at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade. 
  • BLM Toronto activists presented a list of eight demands to the parade’s organizers. Among the demands were more support for the organization Black Queer Youth, increased funding for LGBTQ people of color party Blockorama, a commitment to diversity within Pride Toronto’s staff and, most notably, the removal of police floats from the celebration.
  • BLMTO co-founder Alexandria Williams told Vice that the “glorification of police at Pride is just completely irresponsible and disrespectful to a community that has been heavily policed, heavily controlled, experienced an extreme amount of violence by this force.” Read more