“I could drown in him.”

She turned to her, seldom confused, but asked

“Is he that overwhelming?”

She closed her eyes to the ceiling

“No, he is just that strong, and that powerful.”

Her eyelids flickered and she held back her smile

“So drown. Dance like capsized boats together and give yourselves up. Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than being vulnerable.”

-Jaime Ciarletto (For 2a.m.)

  • interviewer:What’s a childhood memory that stands out for you?
  • Sara:We grew up in a really beautiful city, Calgary, and it has four very distinct seasons, so my memories of childhood are having these wonderful idyllic winters we’re we went skiing and tobogganing, there was a lot of happy playful moments in the snow and now, as an adult, I think it’s obscene, as soon as it dips below zero. I’m like, ‘How did our parents stuff us into snowsuits and not murder us!?’ Our outdoor childhood also came in handy when we were teenagers because we did a lot of normal teenage behaviour because maybe it wasn’t as dangerous instead of being in a city and going to bars and clubs, there wasn’t this like tantalising opportunities to be bad, like we…
  • Tegan:Just stood in a field and drank.
  • Sara:Yeah, if you tripped and fell, you didn’t hit cement you mostly just hit a cow.
  • Tegan:You’re perpetuating untrue stereotypes.