A Simple Lesson About Life

Honestly I believe there is no reason to regret the things life has in store for us, there is always an open opportunity that lies between what we know and what we don’t know, lovers come and go, years flash before our eyes, we spend so much time on hating we barely forget to love, human nature revolves heavily on chasing, but to learn to let go and forgive it’s what we as people should learn, life grants us the chance to experience this world to travel, love, grow, become anything your heart sets out to be, it is only with time that it draws us in and makes our days feel longer or faster. Regret and pain will only hold our lives back as much as possible people don’t believe it however it’s there. As much as we want people to become something special granted it be a wife, a husband, girlfriend, you name it there may be a time to let that person go and allow them to pursue their own happiness, I’ve learned this and I take this as a note for my future, I never regret what I lost but I certainly do cherish those memories as dumb as it may sound to many, it’s all about a journey within our lives, we embody the daily rotation of life that has it’s days of suffering or happiness, however within the heart it is our ability to make change, bring about peace an open ability to those that may feel lost, or without hope, because in someway in some form they need help too. Those that fear change only live in solitude rather then bring about a life of enjoyment, it starts out little like making your bed, drinking your favorite coffee, a simple hello, a thank you from a stranger, these are those small steps that can open you up towards becoming a nicer person, what we refuse to see is only the start of something better. Life has offered humans tremendously an amount of memories, history, and science, we’ve become so technologically advanced that traveling by plane or car has the ability for us to see family, loved ones, historical places, nature, monuments, cities, or if you prefer getting away from all the hustle and bustle that lies in the metropolitan areas bringing yourself at peace with nature is possible one of the best stress relieving things you could ever do, there is no boundary to where you may travel, who you fall for, what you may learn it’s a pretty gifted thing to our lives and in the long run it will only get better when the world truly learns love and forgets how to hate. This is all I have to say is live your life to the best of your ability, have no regrets because they too teach you a lesson, and simply show compassion, love as well as bringing out the best in you because one day our life will flash before our eyes and we will forget how to live.

Many of you link fire with bad things. But fire should be linked to emotions in general. And there is KARMA. I’d like to talk about being good on earth during your life here while you are conscious. I believe in KARMA. It not just work with bad things, like if I’m bad with someone, only that will come back to me later (or instantly) but I do believe if I’m good with someone, another someone will choose to be good with me instead of being average. We make choices every time in every seconds. Being good (or better just even a little bit) will come back as well. We don’t have to be good with only each other, but with our environment, with our world. This is not spiritualistic stuff. This is psychology and cognitive behavior in a micro and macro environment, what our ancestors saw and tried to teach for us again and again. Being good is a choice. You can be like a rock, you will fall where someone throw you and hit something, or you can choose to become something else before they throw you or even when you are flying.
—  Betsy
This is the life you get. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Anything could. Why are you so stresses out? It’s not that intense. If you fail a little bit you’re not going to die. Do you have at least one friend? if yes, then good. That’s all you need. If no, then I’m your friend now. Talk to me. Tell me about that bitch Jessica, or how you’re afraid to come out to your friends but you need to tell someone. I am just a person, who wants to see that other people are okay.
—  My Late Night Thoughts