qoute of the day

Tell people you love them. Tell people you love them even if they think you’re weird, even if you don’t think the feelings are mutual. Tell people you love them when they’re sad/happy/lost. Tell people you love them at 2am in the morning when your inhibitions have left you, and there isn’t anything stopping you from pouring your affection over their heart. Tell people you love them with sincerity. Tell them why you love them. Tell them you’ll love them even if they don’t love themselves.

You won’t always have the chance to do so. Moments pass you by, and so do relationships. Things change brutally, and quickly. Love is fluid. There are too many people in the world, living their lives without me, never knowing that I loved them and that, while it lasted, they were so so so dear to me. I don’t want to regret never sharing my love with other human beings. I don’t want to be an old woman and reflect and wonder, ‘did he ever know how precious he was to me?’

The man I fell on love with
Is not gentle
I don’t get flowers
No love notes
I have no embraces in public
Hell I’m lucky if he holds my hand
When we are in a store.
People don’t think I should be with a man so closed off
If they only saw the way he looks at me
When we are alone.
The words he whispers in my ear.
His laughter
The grace in the way he kisses me.
He is nothing but love
I don’t need him to buy me things to know it
I don’t need the approval of people
Or their idea of what love looks like
He is mine
And I am all his
That is enough
My love is humble
And it is not public
—  Do not judge what you don’t have the privilege to see.