qoute love truth

I am so gullible.

If someone told me that I was their one and only, I would probably believe them.

You say that’d you’d jump in front of a train for me? I believe that.

Well, I am changing now.
I am no longer going to be so easily fooled by your many lies.

If you tell me that you always be there for me, I won’t believe you.

If you tell me that I can trust you, I will never speak a single word to you.

If you tell me that everything will be okay, I know that you are lying.

How can I trust you if you never go through with your “promises”?

The truth is, I have ran out of trust.
I have been lied to too many times, so now my trust is nonexistent.

And now? I will never believe a single thing that you say, ever again.

—  Sarn