My first QOTSA concert and how it ended

I was about to see my first Queens of the Stone Age concert ever at Rock am Ring last Friday. I found a place in the second row, SECOND ROW! I was the happiest girl in the world.Until a drunk guy hit me in the back - ON PURPOSE - because he wanted to get to the front. He broke my rib, I couldn’t breathe, I fainted and the security dragged me to the ambulance.

My first Queens of the Stone Age concert ended before it has even started. The paramedics wanted to take me to the hospital immediately, but they were nice enough to let me stay until QOTSA  played “If I Had A Tail”, my favorite song. My back turned black and blue in the meantime.They gave me painkiller as soon as they started the transport, I had an allergic reaction, my throat swelled, I couldn’t breathe, I fainted again and I almost died choking.

I stayed in hospital for a day, everything is fine now, but this is the sad story of my first Queens of the Stone Age concert I was looking forward to for years.

I don’t want to arouse pity, I just want to tell my story and hopefully make people think twice now when they try to get to the first row to see their favorite band.Fans should take care of each other, be helpful and nice but not aggressive or rude, because at the end we fans are all there for the same reason.


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