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Queens of the Stone Age

One of my favorite bands. I discovered them when I was maybe 12 or so when I saw the video for “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”. At first I wasn’t too big into them but they grew on me. Songs for the Deaf is still my favorite album of theirs and it further exposed me to the work of Mark Lanegan.

Concerning Josh Homme, I think he’s one of the most solid and effortless (in a good way) songwriters out there. He has such a knack for writing good vocal melodies and simple but enjoyable riffs. He also has a great singing voice, too. In fact, every singer in QOTSA, past or present, has had a great voice.

The music I’m working on currently is really heavily QOTSA-inspired, even though it’s electronic synth music. I’ll catch myself writing something really Homme-esque or Lanegan-esque and not even catch myself at first. There are definitely worse bands I could be subliminally influenced by though!