qotsa 2014


1. Josh Homme watches as Warpaint perform in Indio, California on April 12th, 2014 (via Rolling Stone)

2. “not sure if this is real but… cool” (via steezmeez)

@steezmeez! YESSSS! I was checking out and I saw that sitting there with your name on it. That’s what I thought when I saw it so I picked up a pencil and did what came naturally. I couldn’t resist. See you next weekend! 🍻 (via mister_theodore)

(AKA Warpaint x QOTSA x ♡)


“how many times must i sell myself
before my pieces are gone?
i’m one of a kind”

Queens of the Stone Age, ‘I’m Designer’
Lowlands 2014 [x]


“i’m burning bridges
i destroy the mirage
oh, visions of collisions
fuckin’ bon voyage”

Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Smooth Sailing’
Lowlands 2014 [x]


Queens of the Stone Age - Vampyre of Time and Memory
St. Petersburg, Florida 5th Feb 2014


02:30 fan appears on stage
02:45 Josh Homme throws fan offstage
02:58 Josh Homme: “Don’t do that. Cause I’ll fuck… You’re luck. I don’t care if you love me. You can stay right there, dude. I don’t know what you were trying to do but you’re lucky I didn’t fucked you up. I’m here to play for you, not to jerk you off, you fucking douchebag. All I wanna do is kick his ass now. Cos were here to be together, right? That, that fucking asshole doesn’t know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about being together. I wanna play for you, I wanna show you something. I wanna be together. I don’t want this asshole here on stage… Fuck that guy!”