suffybummers  asked:

If im planning a first date, I wear jeans and combat boots and and a low cut top. We go hiking and kiss in the forest and then hit up some antique shops for cool stuff. I buy her an old valentine or flirty post card.

a kiss on the first date? and combat boots? that’s the quickest way to a girl’s heart for sure.

anonymous asked:

Okay first date things-I'm a Virgo & I'd do like leggings or a denim skirt w/ tall boots & bootsocks & my outfit would be like a warm pallet (bc earth sign hell ya) with like mustard/navy/wine/olive & dark lipstick so I can leave gay kiss marks on her check. We'd go 2 a pumpkin patch or the beach in the evening, have a picnic dinner & then when the light turns gold just before sunset we'd do all kinds of pictures with/of each other. Id print them out for us to hang up & use them as lock screens✨

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