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Veterinary Acronyms

Acronyms are an easy and effective way (most of the time) for doctors to take quick and efficient notes, write prescriptions, and fill in histories. Here is a list of some of the more commonly and frequently used veterinary acronyms:

  • WNL: Within Normal limits
  • NSF: No significant findings
  • ADR: Ain’t doing right
  • NDR: Not doing right
  • SID: Once daily- every 24 hours
  • BID: Twice daily- every 12 hours
  • TID: Three times daily- every 8 hours
  • QID: Four times daily-  every 6 hours
  • PRN: As needed
  • QOD: Every other day
  • D/C: discontinue
  • q: every (q2hrs= every two hours)
  • prn: as needed
  • gt: drop
  • qs: quantity sufficient
  • AD: Right ear
  • AS: Left ear
  • AU: Both ears
  • OD: Right eye
  • OS: Left eye
  • OU: Both eyes
  • IM: Intramuscular
  • SQ: Subcutaneous
  • IV: Intravenous
  • IO: Intraosseous
  • IN: Intranasal
  • IP: Intraperitoneal
  • PO: By mouth
  • NPO: Nothing by mouth
  • PE: Physical exam
  • SOAP: subjective, objective, assessment, plan
  • BAR: Bright, alert and responsive
  • QAR: Quite, alert, and responsive
  • BCS: Body condition score
  • TPR: Temperature, pulse, respiration
  • HR: Heart rate
  • RR: Respiration rate
  • BP: Blood pressure
  • PLR: Pupillary light reflex
  • IOP: Intraocular pressure
  • CRT: Capillary refill time
  • MM: Mucous membranes
  • GS: Gut sounds
  • BM: Bowel movement
  • ICP: Intracranial pressure
  • CPP: Cerebral perfusion pressure
  • F/S: Spayed female
  • M/N: Neutered male
  • Hx: History
  • Tx: Treatment
  • Dx: Diagnosis
  • Rx: Prescription
  • Sx: Surgery
  • CBC: Complete blood count
  • HCT: Hematocrit
  • PCV: Packed cell volume
  • TP/TS: Total protein/ Total solids
  • CRI: Constant rate infusion
  • UA: Urinalysis
  • USG: Urine specific gravity
  • UTI: Urinary tract infection
  • URI: Upper respiratory infection
  • STT: Schirmer tear test
  • DIC: Disseminated intravascular coagulation, aka dead in cage
  • PU/PD: Polyuria/Polydipsia
  • CHF: Congestive heart failure/ Chronic heart failure
  • HBC: Hit by car
He Misses You Too.

Look here’s the thing. If you feel like his leaving has built a cavity in your chest that will never fill the same, there’s a cavity in his chest for you too. He loved you, you know it. You saw it all the time. And if you’re breaking down and sobbing into your hands from time to time, getting better at fixing your eyeliner than at putting it, he’s hurting just the same, but in a different way.

Because boys don’t cry, you know? Boys are macho and strong and all that. This is not a one sided affair. He feels all the same things. 

I’m just still trying to figure out the fucked up logic that is stopping the two of you from taking all that missing and running back to the door you left open behind you, bridging the gap, saying, “I love you. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Come back.”

-Neha Chaudhary

prescription jargon

Here are a few helpful abbreviation explanations you may find on your or a loved one’s prescription bottles:

PO - take by mouth
PR - take rectally
SC or SQ - inject just under the skin
IM - inject deep into your muscle

QD - daily
QAM - every morning
QOD - every other day
Qw - weekly
QPM or QHS - nightly, before bedtime

AC - before each meal
ACHS - before each meal and at bedtime
BID - twice daily
BID diuretic - twice daily (usually 9am and 2pm)
TID - three times daily

Q# or Q#H - take this medication every # hours

PRN - take only as needed

OS - left eye
OD - right eye
OU - both eyes