You know, I might just end up writing a few one-shots for the Hogwarts AU. It won’t be an entire fanfic because, like I said, it takes place over Years 2 through 5 for the twins, so it would take way too much time to write. The last year has more of a story than the bits everywhere leading to it, so… maybe, but that’s a big maybe. There will definitely be short comics here and there, and sketches and finished images, but since I have a lot of things happening, fanfic is a big maybe.

Por favoooooooooooooooooor?! Não é nada demais, você só precisa ir naquele garoto de blusa xadrez e perguntar pra ele se a encomenda dele chegou. Eu preciso manter minha identidade secreta á salvo, ninguém pode descobrir quem eu sou… AH e eu não estou fornecendo drogas pra ele, é outra coisa. 

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I didn't know pakistani women dress like this. In India we always get the image that pakistan women wear burqas only. Thanx for the blog it really opened my my mind about pakistan

I love messages like this because I go.. YESSSS.. one more person whose horizons I have expanded.. broadened their perspective.. shattered stereotypes..

lol no, but seriously.. Burqas aren’t that common in Pakistan barring certain areas. Pakistani women love fashion and clothes; you won’t see them wearing bikinis or shorts on the streets of course, but most Pakistani women don’t want to wear them either because religion does drive everyday life in Pakistan.. 

Women in Pakistan wear shalwar kameez, saris, dupattas, no dupattas, jeans, sleeves, no sleeves and so many other regional attire that is unique to different ethnic groups. Like India, Pakistan is so ethnically diverse that you can’t shove the whole country under one erroneous generalization.  

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Hi love, I was wondering if you could reblog some pictures of some emerald green heavy suits? My cousins wedding is coming up (3 weeks) and I don't have my clothes yet and the theme is green. I don't have time to go shopping around and I'll be in Karachi for only a week so I need just one design that I can go and buy and only have fitting changes made. If this is too much trouble I completely understand! Thank you and hope you have a nice day!!

Hello!! So, I’ve done some research for you and these are the dresses I found. I know some of them are not emerald but they are in the green family, thought you might like them..

Sania Maskatiya

Zaheer Abbas

Zainab Chotani

Maria B

I found all of these dresses on their e-stores but since you will be in Pakistan, it will be easier for you to order them.

Good luck! 

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So I was just wondering since Mabel is better at magic then Dipper did she show more signs of magic when they were younger? Like when Lily held the flower in her hand and it opened and closed, did stuff like that happen to Mabel more often then Dipper? And I guess while I'm on the same track how often did stuff like that happen to Greg and Wirt.

These sorts of questions are so much fun to answer! 8D Under the cut, please :)))

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So I have this headcannon for you Hogwarts au that of any prefect other then Wirt catches the twins doing something bad they just go find Wirt and let him deal with it cause they all know they are practically his siblings

hehehehehe XDDD I think all the prefects know that not even Wirt’s got control over those two, but my gosh if he did, they probably all would do that! “You’re always with them, YOU take care of it!”