“I saw the well and stone myself, and had a glimpse  I thought, of the bags or something else in the hole.” – M. R. James, ‘The Treasure of Abbot Thomas’

Submission for the Folio Society book illustration competition.

Jay Dexter

I’ve decided to start posting more of my sketches and rough drafts on here instead of keeping them solely on my personal blog. At first I had intended for this blog to serve as a sort of portfolio or collection of work I considered finished. But I think seeing someone’s process along with the end result is much more interesting. Anyways, thanks for sticking around to look at my draws.


Costume/creature ideas for the Author project. We had to construct a costume of a primeval creature whose body reflected and satisfied our needs. I thought that an avian creature would accommodate my needs of the sky, a nest and flight, and incorporated some skeletal aspects for a memento mori. And beauty…well…it’s in the eye of the beholder. 

Jay Dexter