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Jones, Macy’s Chase Millennials With QMack

“You could throw it up in the air, and it could land on the floor and still all go together.”

That’s how Stefani Greenfield described the lineup of QMack, The Jones Group Inc.’s new brand centered around 13 key items with the Millennial customer at Macy’s in mind.

Enter QMack, based on the name Quincey Mack, a fictional character serving as the muse of the brand. Greenfield had a specific set of inspirations. “It was Blake Lively-meets-Zoe Saldana,” she said. “She was sorority-sister-meets-best-friend. She was a mix between Charlotte and Carrie in ‘Sex and the City.’ We thought maybe we’d give her the last name Mackintosh, but that is too many letters. I said, ‘How about Mack?’ We became obsessed with Q….We thought of all American names and did research on Q names. I said, ‘Her name is Quincey.’ Then we shortened her to Q. Quincey Mack was too much about a person, QMack is about a spirit.”  For More