Espen Kluge, also known as Qluge, is a 31 year old digital artist and painter from Norway. He’s most well known for his meditative, geometric, and eerie 3D renders that present abstract manipulations of the human form. Espen has always been interested in art and music, but only starting referring to himself as a dedicated visual artist in 2013.

“I think for me perhaps the escapism of creating art is an inspiration in itself.
Like, I would not be creating art if just for the end result, the creation-process is the thing that I find the most intriguing part of the work.”

The artistic process is one of Espen’s biggest drives:

“[It’s] one through which I learn a lot technically and artistically. I never set a goal in terms of symbolism or specific meaning. I find myself moving towards a certain aesthetic, or wildly chasing some abstract [or] undefined theme.” [via The Verge]

Some of Espen’s favorite artists include Christian Rex Van Minnen, Henrik Uldalen, and Linsey Levendall.


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