~Texts Between Babes~

Domenica 13:47


did he finally come out of the closet?

Fede: i’m sorry did who do what now?

Silvia: come on. you HAD to have heard the rumors about Martino. 

Marco Covitti said that Martino dumped his sister in order to be with Niccolo Fares!!!!!! And that’s Niccolo in the picture with the other boys!!! They must have made it official.

Eva: Or they’re all friends, Silvia. And there’s nothing else going on that he needs to world knowing about.

Silvia: @Eva you have to text Gio and see if it’s official. Or maybe @Ele can call her brother. He’s gay so, I’m sure he’d know!

Sana: What are you even talking about? Do you think there’s some gay society that means everyone knows each other?

Eleanora: Even if Fili did know anything, he’d never out someone like that. And IF Marco or Emma Covitti outed Martino then that’s horrible and you shouldn’t contribute to it.

Silvia: I CAN’T be the only curious. I mean MARTINO. GAY?! Am I really the only one who sees a big deal in this?!!

Eleanora: yes

Eva: yeah

Sana: yes

Fede: so many questions are answered… but yeah we really shouldn’t say anything else. 


I believe @sonhoedesrazao asked for this one?

So one of my friends and I absolutely LOVE RA. We have this headcannon that super late at night when Halt was asleep, will would sneak out ( being the cool ranger he was) and find Alyssa. They sat outside most nights and just talked. Will would sneak back and sleep for like two hours and pretend to be wide awake. IDK I just like Willys. Let me know your otp cause I’m kinda curious who other ppl in this fandom ship.

anonymous asked:

I asume you are the right person to ask... WTF happenned to fruxoo? I was going thruogh their qll fics( bc im crazy) and they suddenly stopped charging(with lots yet unread) and qhen i tried to open their profile there was the red"this author does not exists" message!

Hi anon, I am in shock. I received a message that fruxoo (who has now deleted) had plagiarized the fic that I had loved and rec’d, As Long as You’re Smiling…(and wear clothes). 

That fic (and many others) were written for a different fandom, by the tumbler users http://ellessey-writes.tumblr.com/ and http://esselley.tumblr.com/ (sorry for the messy links, tumblr is being VERY ANNOYING HOPEFULLY THESE WILL WORK). The fic I loved and wrote about is actually called The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi.  I plan to go and read it properly because the writing is so wonderful, even though I’m not familiar with that fandom. (Okay apparently it’s only @ellessey-writes who wrote this fic, but the other user has taken other fics from both of them).

I am sick to my stomach about this, and just…I don’t know. As a writer, I work so hard to make my words my own (though obviously I can be influenced by everything I’ve read), and the idea that someone would steal someone else’s work and creativity is nauseating to me. And for what? Kudos and popularity for something that is stolen? That isn’t even yours? 

I’m no stranger to people doing awful things in the world, I’m really not, and yet, when I come face to face with it, it just takes me by surprise. I feel upset and betrayed that someone I had a bunch of great conversations with and liked, has turned out to be a fraud and a liar and a thief. I can’t imagine how these authors feel, but please, if you’re reading this, reblog and get the word out. Thanks! 

anonymous asked:

Okay so I just remembered my dream that I had last night and it involved the Sanders sides and I can't stop laughinh. So Logic and Anxiety were together and Prince asked them a question about it and they just responded by looking at each other for a second and started to sing Skater Boy by Avril Lavinge while Morality and Prince gave them weird looks ancdbdnd

Y'know what? I’ve wanted to write a prinxiety break-up fic with that song for a long while now. And now, I’m qll the more motivated.

Also, that sounds way better than my dream. All I remember is krabby patties and an adventure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fernikart57  asked:

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Listen. Listen. I’d be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I shamed someone else for getting too emotional over a cartoon. Or for getting too emotional specifically about Stanley Pines and his relationship with his brother/the way Ford treated him over the years. I get it. There’s a year’s worth of posts in my archive that show how much I get it.

I could…really go on a long while about how my thoughts about Ford have changed over time, and the various things that caused them to change. Ford and Stan are complicated characters and their initially-unhealthy, eventually-implied-healthy relationship is just as complicated as they are. But for me, Journal 3 (even more than the finale!) really helped my feelings towards Ford go from severely mixed to more consistently positive. 

And I think it’s unfair to suggest that Ford doesn’t care–if anything, one thing Journal 3 demonstrated (at least to me) was how much Ford does care, and how loving he can actually be. If you don’t feel the same way–hey, that’s how you feel, and that’s okay. 

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Hey guys, ive had some major shit at work and stuff going on to where whenever i would get home, i wouldn’t be motivated to draw and qll i wamted to do was just relax by playing some video games. This means that the christmas drawings of the crew will be delayed untill after christmas. I am currently working on a few asks, so those will be up before the christmas drawings.

Im so sorry y'all, but please be patient, because the christmas pics will be up soon!