A gender question for people who know about these things

is there a term for, um,

If you don’t feel like ‘female’ is the right term but, like

Null-gendered that leans more towards female than male usually?

Is the term 'genderfluid’ or 'genderqueer’ or


On the very edge of orgasm she hovered exquisitely, knowing that in the next instant she would come, the next instant, the next instant—and then she did come, from the roots of her hair, from everywhere, consumed with her coming.”
-An Emergence of Green by Katherine V. Forrest
Your loss not mine...

I lost a follow cause I posted a gay rights picture.
Should’ve even be a discussion! Human rights. (Period) WTF?

We should'nt even be voting on gay marriages, rights or whichever!
It blows my mind. They pay taxes & vote. So what’s the difference? What happened to separation of church & state?

If humans getting married to other humans offends you then yeah…
sod off!!
Don’t follow me and go climb back in your hole of hate.

What is the best transsexual dating site?

There are a few different transsexual dating sites out there. I have used most and my top 3 are listed below:

Best transsexual dating site:

TS Dating is easily the best dedicated site for this market. They have gone the extra mile to create a site which is full of features, easy to use and filled with plenty of girls. They have free and paid options. I suggest you just start with a free account, you’ll quickly be able to decide if it is worth upgrading to the paid subscription.

This site just works. People seem to take this one more seriously so there are less time wasters and dead (unused) profiles. Once you get used to using the site it is really easy to use. There are filters which can be applied which allows you to narrow down a search really fast. 

Second best TS Dating site:

Craigslist is available all over the world with local city and country pages. This makes posting an ad really quick and easy. This is just a simple classifieds ad site so there are no fancy features such as private messaging or filtering results. Bit it is a fast way to do things. It is worth a quick look but beware as there are many ‘professional’ profiles. Finding a good girl on Craigslist is rare. Worth a look but you will want to join TS Dating too.

Third best TD Dating site:

InTGPersonals is another classifieds style site made specifically for the third gender. It is easier to find a non working girl here but there are less posts. It can be difficult to gauge how someone really looks as they just allow one photo. Many ads are are old too. Again this is worth a try but you will be lucky to find that special someone. 

Other options:

In the UK there is TVChix.com but this is filled most with part timers (cross dressers). There are other location specific sites too around the world which you can find with a specific search on Google.