people who judge other peoples gender on their genitals are so fuckin gross especially since they only do it to trans people to embarrass and invalidate them.
like If a cis chick was like “hey I’m a girl” and somebody questioned her about whether she had a vageeper or not people would be shocked. yet those same people think it’s totally reasonable to question a trans girl on her vageeper it’s disgusting..


Dicen que este vídeo es una cover de “Get Lucky” de Daft Punk…

Cross the line if you thought he/she could be the one, but took everything, including your trust and left you for another girl/guy shortly after. Cross it again if it's ok now, because you've realized it let you get back to that other "one". Qk

Qualr’s Kuntemplation: What Happened Miss Saldana?

Bi Didi E | @qualronline| March 03 2016 | Gift Shop

Earlier this week, the trailer for the cynthia mort Nina Simone biopic was released to the internet and I have refused to watch it because I am not sure my heart can take the garbage.

Fortunately, Evelyn from the Internets did what I am unable to do by not only sitting through the appalling trailer, but going one step further by gracing us with a review. 

Her review is everything. Everything I say. 

Major props to Evelyn for finding the courage to put herself through the treacherous ordeal of watching the hot mess that is Zoe Saldana in black face.

View Evelyn’s full review here.

If you find Evelyn as funny as I find her, be sure to follow her social media.





And please consider watching “What Happened Miss Simone?” in place of that abominable, atrocious, colorist biopic. Furthermore, keep sister Zoe Saldana in your prayers because she has clearly lost her mind.