Just a Random Thought

I still remember the day when I barely knew how to pray, I used to watch my mother (Allah yer7ama) praying and I used to copy her gestures until one day, I felt in my heart that I want to know what it truly meant bowing to Allah, worshipping Him.

So I gathered up my guts and told my mother to teach me every single meaning of what she does during prayer. We are not Arabs and we are not fluent with reading and speaking Arabic but when my mother taught me the words, Allah placed in my heart to understand it and so it comes naturally when I go and do the gestures in prayer.

Today, a thought came into my mind.

For those who visit the masjid frequently, I ask you to observe the people around you because I know someone who may be a new practising Muslim (born or revert) is there observing you guys how to pray but in their hearts, they feel this fear of being shamed because they do not know how to pray. - I personally felt this in my own family and community.

It is not new that those who we think “should” know these and turn up that they do not know, they are shamed for it rather than being helped out genuinely.

All I am asking is that, if someone comes to you and asks you an issue regarding the deen, please do not shame that brother or sister or give them the “You don’t know and you are a Muslim?” look or gesture.

You may know something that others may not know and others may know something that you may not know.

This Ramadhan, seek and help those who are turning to Allah for the first time in their lives, those who seek the pleasure of worshipping Allah.

And for those who want to learn, please gather up the strength and ask. Those who want to help may not help you when you don’t try to even help yourself.

Whatever and how I knew about prayer, I thank Allah for enlightening my mother to be a pious servant of His and enabling her to teach me the foundation of this beautiful deen.

Spread the love and make use of Ramadhan in bagging the rewards that will truly help you in the Yawm ul Qiyammah. Invest in your akhirah, and this is the best time, Ramadhan!