hey guys, sorry for the two months of radio silence in which i literally did not even touch my computer cause i just needed a break. anyways, I’m going back to canada tomorrow and doing an all nighter because it helps with the jet lag for me :). plus sleep just makes 14 hours of plane ride go by so much faster. 

will start drawing stuff again more digital and more background stuff though, from the photos I took of China. Lots of weird stories to tell too but you guys are probably not interested and now i’m just tired rambling (4am here xD;; been sleeping at around 1am these days so 4am’s tiring me out already D: )

also, it’s been a really sterek summer for me xD;

ps. will get to everyone’s pms soon, too tired to think too coherently right now hahaha;;;. but gotta stay up =A=;. think i will make some coffee. 


Oh, and to the anon who wants to know where I get inspiration from, I’ve opened a new inspiration blog, where i reblog stuff i find inspirational or interesting (for those of you guys who don’t know ;D).

This is officially the last batch of anon-asks, as I’ve now turned off anon ^^;~ It’s a lot easier for me to answer everyone privately, unless there’s something that everyone’s asking. which means you guys who are asking about my watercolour stuff, sorry for not answering yet - I’m going to compile something together later to post and update my faq :D.