qin dahu


1 - Designer: Zhong Han. 1959. Carry on the traditions of the revolution, masses of fellow workers and peasants unite with each other! Jicheng geming chuantong, tong gong nong qunzhong xiang jiehe! (继承革命传统, 同工农群众相结合!)

2 - Designer: Du Zhuoxuan (杜卓选). 1974, September. Support agriculture to strive for bumper harvests - make great efforts to develop agriculture to amass foodstuffs. Zhiyuan nongye duo fengshou - daban nongye guangji (支援农业夺丰收大办农业广积粮)

3 - Designer: Qin Dahu (秦大虎). 1974, October. Strike root in the rural villages without the intention of leaving. Zhagen nongcun zhi buyi (扎根农村志不移)