Wedding flora weekend #1!

Yesterday I went with Qi En to get flowers for wedding decorations. This is the first of many to come in the next few months. Our second is on 7th July, and then 21st July, and finally 8th Sept. We are still thinking of a name for ourselves! ;)

And then we went to Habitat Cafe to treat ourselves to a good poached eggs and coffee. Doing wedding decorations without the car is quite a workout!

Have a great Sunday!


1) My full name is Marc Ryan Phun And my Chinese name is Pan Wen Hao #roflcopter

2) I was born in Singapore and lived in Perth, Western Australia between the ages of 4 and 17. Now I’m in the US, so I’m pretty good at changing my accent.

3) Christ Jesus is my Lord and my saviour, my life is in His hands and everything I am is for Him. He gave it all for me and continues to save me everyday. His grace, His love and His presence is what keeps me going.

4) I am a junior at the university of Oregon and I change my major every 3 seconds. I want to go to seminary school (probably in Portland) 🌉

5) Music is a huge chunk of who I am. I sing all day everyday. I have a great passion for worship. I never have favourite artists but Right now I love The paper kites, Alt-j, Vance joy, bethel, Kina grannis, imaginary friend, lorde. I love talking about music and giving people music so #hmu

6) I’m an introvert, but if we have a one on one conversation you bet we can talk for hours. I’m actually really loud and obnoxious

7) I’m a blogger who is cooler in #rl (jk) I used to think my opinion never mattered until I started my blog. It made me more confident in my identity in Christ and I knew what God called me to do.

8) My family is everything but it’s hard being so far away from all of them. Especially my three pups Ashley, Zoey and Abby

9) My favorite foods: pineapples, icecream and fries

10) The future scares me but I know God has the best plan. 

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