Thank you everyone who came to Stapleton today for the ass kicking! Awesome #riseabovefitness #bettyrocker #qidenver joint bootcamp with @kmaecags @lindleyfit @wijayr @nick_benekos and myself, that was one of the most fun, hardest booters I have ever been a part of and everyone killed it! Stay tuned for more traveling bootcamps and stay strong #FitFam !! 💪💪 (at Hard as Hell)

Alright Denver!! Bootcamps this weekend with the awesome @kmaecags @wijayr and @musclepharm Saturday at 10am at the Muscle Pharm location 4721 Ironton St Denver and with all of us plus the awesome @chrislindley of Qi Denver 10am Sunday in Stapleton Central Park, located at Martin Luther King and N. Xenia St - and the weather is looking good!! Pre sign ups are happening now!! You can prepay for either event by sending $20 PayPal to krissymaecagney@yahoo.com and/or clicking the link on my website. Www.thebettyrocker.com for more info! If you can’t make it, we will miss you - but you can still help us out by spreading the word. Pass this along to your Facebook friends and twitter followers by using the link for the event on my site. Thank you so much - lets show Rise Above Fitness a real Denvef welcome!! #raf #riseabovefitness #bamfit #bettyrocker #qidenver (Taken with Instagram at www.thebettyrocker.com)

I couldn’t be more stoked about all the October awesomeness! I mean, there’s Halloween, everything smells like pumpkin and spices, and, and and…@kmaecags is coming to Denver to put on two #riseabovefitness bootcamps!!! So exciting! Saturday will be a super booter with Muscle Pharm and myself, and Sunday will be a full on expo style bootcamp event featuring @chrislindley from Qi Denver and us!! We hope to see you at one or both - more details coming soon!! #bamfit #raf #qidenver #fitfam #bettyrocker #fitness #bootcamps (Taken with Instagram)