#qiandao #lake #crazy 😲


June 6-7

Woke up in the morning hungry, so we checked out of wushanyi hostel and went down to food street to find some authentic west lake food. Our motley of delicacies consisted of baked underground chicken wrapped in charcoal, red rice porridge, pineapple fried rice, konjac jelly , fried fish stick, and egg drop soup. We returned our bikes and got our 200 rmb deposit back. We only spent on average 7 rmb for a whole day of bike rentals! ($1 usd). Then we went to the bus station and boarded a 2 hr bus ride to qiandao hu (thousand island lake) for 61 rmb. When we arrived at the Hilton, we pretended to only hve 3 in the room even though we had 5. They upgraded us to a full lake view room because we were “gold” members :) thanks parents! We went swimming in the infinity pool and played in the kiddy pool with plastic balls. Invented games like “hit each others ball out” or learned how to juggle. The Hilton pool was surrounded with models posing for pictures with legit photographers. A little six year old Chinese girl started playing with us after finishing her modeling job. We asked her what her name was, and she said “cutie” in Chinese. Then she proceeded to sing PriceTag by jessieJ. We then discovered the indoor pool and the spa inside! Girls and guys split up to use the sauna and wash up. By the time we got out, we were famished! I talked to the bell boy named Stone Liu, asking him where a good place to eat was. He called a taxi for us and we went to a restaurant where we got to choose a fresh fish from the lake and eat it right there! We chose the smallest qiandao fish, which still came out to 6kilos (14.2 lbs)! Then they gutted the fish and let the heart beat in front of our eyes while the fish was cut in half already. They made some fish head/bladder soup, and cooked the rest in a lovely spiced wok. Together with some rice and vegetables, our total came out to 422 rmb! Our most expensive Meal in china so far! We learned that Qiandao is only a tourist spot for the well off since everything is super expensive in comparison to all other china. But that meal was so good!!! We came back to the hotel and I talked to Stone Liu about touristy things to do the next day for half an hour! He was so helpful that I wanted to tip him. However I couldn’t find him later on. It’s a shame that it rained both days we were at qiandao. The next morning we just took our time getting ready. It was Wei, ari and Jon’s turn to sleep in this time as josh and I were up earlier. We got complimentary buffet breakfast for being golden ;) and hid food in joshs handy dandy ziploc bags to bring up to Jon and Wei. We must have looked mighty suspicious with so many plates of food in front of us that mysteriously disappeared into our “stomachs”. The robes we wore proved handy as we shuttled the food up to feed the ravenous beasts. Hha just kidding. Since it was raining, we just watched news and bridesmaids in the room until we rode the 5hr bus back to shanghai. Surprised Jon with some Peking duck!!!! Dream come true for him :) good way to end the day even when we were drenched and rained upon.