Qi! Where’s my hat?!-Upa
Uh, I put it away-Qi
I need it!-Upa
Uh uh! We’ve been planning this night for a month!-Qi
The public is in danger!!-Upa
My EVENING is in danger!-Qi
Qi you better tell me where my hat is!-Upa
Excuse me?! I am your FRIEND! I’m the greatest good you ever gonna get!-Qi
—  Incredibles

parisroma62  asked:

hi Sae! i am also a silent reader. i rarely comment something. i think yu qi is somehow too soft for guhai. he will eat him alive and spit his bones one by one!! somehow i don't think yu qi is strong enough to stir gu hai and bring out what's the best from him.! thank you for your translations! wattpad is so empty without you! greetings from romania!

XD Greetings from my dark room~ if you look at it like that, then You Qi definitely would get eaten asap!! Poor You Qi has to be like that hahaha he still has me then, come to Sae~ *bear hug*

GH and YZ is always #1~ all day, er’day!