160725 | 爱奇艺娱乐: “【今晚下斗! #老九门#曝全新片头及剧照】千盼万盼,佛爷@William威廉陈伟霆 二爷@努力努力再努力x 今晚终于要正式下斗了!《老九门》也曝光了全新的片头和人物剧照,小奇就问一句,wuli“皮衣天团”帅不帅?帅不帅!戳片头先睹为快”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “【Battle Night! #OldNineGates# Releases new pictures as well as cast pictures】The highly anticipated battle between Mr. Fo @WilliamChan and Mr. Er @努力努力再努力x will officially start! 《Old Nine Gates》has also released completely new clips and character/cast pictures. Little Qi just wants to ask, is our “Leather Group” handsome? Are they handsome!”

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Salaam! This might be something you've already answered but are you in an alim/alimah course ? Or how are you going about learning about Islam? I'm asking because I'm at that point in my life where I really just want to understand Islam and I don't know how to go about it. I'm in the nyc area if that's helpful.

Walaikumasalaam, I am not. I really wish I was, but I am just a university art student. I have studied at Bayyinah under Sh, AbdulNasir Jangda for QI but that doesnt qualify me for anything haha. My mom is a Qur’an/Islamiat teach and so we have a huge library at our house of books I can read all the time. But mainly its the friends I have Alhamdulilah. I learn a lot from the people I surround myself by but then again I dont know enough to be considered a Alimah. @anahumairah is the best teacher in the world. She is finishing up studying as a Alimah in the UK masha’Allah. I’ve learned from her so much and shes a very close friend of mine. 

For your interest in studying the deen then start looking for seminars and conventions. There are many up around your area. At your masjid look for ads on the bulletin board or go ahead and ask the sisters and brothers there. Someone is bound to be able to help you (: You can look online at many sheikhs facebooks like Nouman Ali Khan, Omar Sulieman, Yasir Birjas, and see if they are traveling to your area.

I hope this helps!

Mike Pence in 1999 op-ed: Disney's "Mulan" is liberal propaganda
Pence wrote the op-ed before he ran for Congress and when he served as a radio talk show host

This page doesn’t often indulge in politics, but this requires a learned response.

China has had martial heroines longer than almost anywhere on earth. Mulan may have been largely myth, but to suggest it’s made-up propaganda is utter lunacy. There’s a LOT of martial heroines who were just as hardcore as Mulan:

  • Fu Hao, who was commanding armies in the age of pharaohs. 
  • Princess Pingyang, who helped overthrow the Sui dynasty and inaugurate the Tang (and who’s been featured on here before).
  • Yim Wing Chun, who created the style of kung fu that Ip Man and Bruce Lee used (and who was also on here before); she was taught, according to tradition, by:
  • Ng Mui, a legendary martial artist, one of the five great elders.
  • Fang Qi Niang, who started a branch of martial arts that was one of the chief influences on Yim Wing Chun.
  • Ching Shih, a prostitute-turned-pirate leader who commanded 70,000 men (also featured on here before).
  • Qin Liangyu, a Ming dynasty general who fought the Manchus.
  • Wang Cong'er, who led the White Lotus Rebellion against the Manchus.
  • Lin Siniang, a prostitute-turned-princess who trained the harem in martial arts
  • Li Xiu, who, when unexpectedly put into military leadership, held a city out from invading forces for seven years
  • Sun Shangxiang, badass Han dynasty warrior
  • Shen Yuying, a Ming dynasty general who took over for her father when he died
  • Liang Hongyu, a slave who bought herself free and became a fearsome Song dynasty general

And that is just CHINA, and just the women I could list OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. There are so, so, SO many more historical women who’ve seen combat - here’s a long, LONG list for just such occasions! 

It’s entirely possible Pence has since evolved his views (one would hope, this is an old claim!) - but regardless, outrageous claims like these deserve to be met with knowledge and facts when they arise.

(fair warning: I haven’t done extensive research into all of these women; legend and history tend to intermingle when you go back too far, so the historicity of a few may be in question.)