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Guards and Inmate's reaction to their crush suddenly giving them a hug (Could you add Yamato in too pls???)

Sure thing! ^.^

Jyugo:…he’s awkward help him…

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Uno: you’ve made a mistake. Now he’ll never let go!

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Rock: you spooked him

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Nico: same with Uno, you’re never leaving his hug…ever

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Tsukumo: bluuuuuuuuuush

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Hajime: ‘why are they hugging me? whats going on? what if the prisoners see me? what if the monkey sees me? nooooooooOOOOO’

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Seitarou: ‘yay!’

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Yamato: he’ll expect hugs from them all the time now 

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Honey: he would be sooo happy!! (and then he would brag to Trois and Uno of course)

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Trois: confused at first but then he’s extremely happy

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Kiji: ‘Yes!’

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Musashi: so confuuuuuuuuused

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Kenshirou: frozen in place for like a solid 3 minutes

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Liang: shy little smile and dazed for the rest of the day

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Upa: confused at first but then he gets extremely embarrassed 

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Qi: ‘finally!’

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Samon: RIP Samon

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Both of their vows together. The audio is from the Chinese voice actors of Jinghua and Xi - Li Laning, Liu Mingyue

Jinghua: I, YangJinghua, voluntarily wants to become the 63rd Yangmingsi, Duanmu Xi’s spirit shadow. With the spirit binding rings as the contract, living with shared spirit, accompanying each other, until death. Or else, never to be separated.

Duanmu Xi: Let’s make our vows, Jinghua. From today onwards, your misery, happiness, everything. I accept all of it.