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Some Character Descriptions for Nirvana in Fire 2

黄晓明 (特别出演) Huang Xiao Ming (Special Appearance) as 萧平章 Xiao Ping Zhang: 身若磐山朗朗,心有情义千千。大梁国长林王府世子 The firstborn and heir to the House of Chang Lin [王府, hence he is a noble]

佟丽娅 (特别出演) Tong Li Ya (Special Appearance) as 蒙浅雪 Meng Qian Xue: 前朝禁军大统领蒙挚侄女、长林世子妃 The niece of Meng Zhi, the leader of the imperial guards for the previous emperor. Also the official wife/lady of the heir of the House of Chang Lin

刘昊然 Liu Hao Ran as 萧平旌 Xiao Ping Jing: 少年侠气五洲雄。大梁长林王府二公子 Gallant. The second young master of the House of Chang Lin

吴昊宸 Wu Hao Chen as 萧元启 Xiao Yuan Qi:执念苦,欲壑深 Fixated and obssessed (abt smth), has deep and raging desire (for smth)

孙淳 Sun Chun as 萧庭生 Xiao Ting Sheng:长林血脉 ,忠义作魂 Of the blood and line of Chang Lin; loyal and upright

梅婷 Mei Ting as 荀皇后 Empress Xun:私念蔽眼,难见清明 Blinded by selfish desires, unable to be impartial

张博 Zhang Bo as 荀飞盛 Xun Fei Sheng:明理尽责,克己不阿 Reasonable and responsible, self-controlled

郭京飞 Guo Jing Fei as 濮阳缨 Pu Yang Ying:机关算尽,恨海难填 Plans and plots for everything, his ravenous ocean of hate is difficult to fill

乔欣 Qiao Xin as 荀安如 Xun An Ru:一腔绕指柔,化作清白血

T/N: I left some as they were due to ambiguity and lack of context. Glad to know Ting Sheng became a fine man. Mei Chang Su and Xiao Jing Yan’s teachings did not go to waste.

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