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Photogallery 1 Chinese Junior Nationals: TF Award Ceremony

Gold (Ningbo, Zhejiang): Hua Ruixue, Luo Huan, Hu Mengyao, Li Qi, Sheng Jingyi, Lv Jiaqi
Silver (Guangzhou, Guangdong): Liu Tingting, Huang Danni, Zhang Zicong, Chen Yile, Fan Yanyan, Liu Jingxing
Bronze (Haidian District, Beijing): Du Siyu, Zhou Xizi, Jing Yang, Yang Haimeng, Fu Xiaqiuran, Lin Yuyao

Thanks to A. for helping me ID the girls :) And yes, it is Zhang Nan in the last picture, she is one of the coaches of the Beijing team.

Source: Jiajia

anonymous asked:

Any love songs?

I have so many favorites, hope you’re ready

Here are some happier ones (a lot of these are oldies):

Some passionate “I really fucking love you” intense ones:

And some tragic ones:

Wow a lot of tragic ones, I’m sorry LOL. I probably missed some but some of my favs are in there (marked with an “x” at the end)
I can’t guarantee the links will work in the future since Youtube videos get taken down all the time, but hope you guys enjoy!


oohh gosh!!! TalTal you naughty one!!! lol 

I never thought you could be this possessive! bwahahaaha.. ok,ok these are all fancies of a frustrated TalNyang shipper here >m<

On the other hand, since the LOVE TRIANGLE has been dragged til the end then…if it won’t settle to either TH nor WY then Jebaaaal writer-nim & PD-nim… let Tal Tal have her instead!!! 

These two can rule the world together if they just get married. who thinks the same way as me??? kekekeke~ @U@ >0<9

NOTE: feel free to share this pic but please give credit to empresskifandomfeels.tumblr.com ty :)

~shammy c(>////<)9

Ok i still can’t get over with Tal Tal’s death!
So to solace our disappointed hearts… 
I for one believed before he died, he was able to confess to her his SECRET UNDYING LOVE!!!

“I have always loved you” meaning… 
~I loved you in the past (when i set my eyes on you for the first time), I love you in the present (where i am here to protect you, hide your misdeeds, help you when you need a hand)  and I will keep loving you in the future (where even in afterlife, i will forever watch over you and love you).~
*sobs* aww, my Tal Tal *sighs* *runs away crying*

~shammy (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

My only consolation for leaving my Seung Nyang alone and killing my precious Tal Tal…

either ways thank you writers for giving us one epic drama to cry, laugh, smile, fall in love, hate, fear, mourn, regret and all the feels we’ve been through for about half a year..
If not for your psycho minds then we won’t be greatly, fully involved and devoted to this drama!!! You took us from high to low, to low & high again… I will FOREVER miss this sageuk and will rewatch this till my eyes worn out!!!

~shammy T T T U T T T

kyaaaaahh!!! >O< can’t help but notice this similarity.. 

Do they looked perfect with each other??.. :D 

Both even have the same expressions for each selca >.< \m/

~TalNyang really rocks!!! <///3  i really wish for real!!!

 Yi Han <3 Ji won !!!

NOTE:feel free to share this pic but please give credit to empresskifandomfeels.tumblr.com ty :)

~shammy c(>////<)9