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Can you please do a maknae line+yoongi reaction where you (their best friend) is a producer//composer, and she's struck with inspiration while she's with them, so she writes out the composition on their arms so she won't forget (they usually let her do whatever because they think she's hella cute). When they ask her why she's not writing it on herself, she lifts up her sleeves to show inky music notes everywhere. Thank you~~

Yoongi : He’d complain cutzly even if he doesn’t really care what she does. He still does wonder why he always has to sacrifies his foor arm for her so he does decide to ask her why she can’t do it on herself. When she lifts her sleeves and shows him all the inky music notes everywhere he’ll be more impressed than anything. He’ll think that she really is passionate and hard working so he is in no place to complain and just lets her do what she wants. Maybe next time he sees her he’ll bring paper though.

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Jimin : does his adorable laugh and asks her why she doesn’t write it on herself or paper. When she lifts her sleeves to show him he’ll laugh even harder because he didn’t expect to see her arm this full of notes. “I should have known it”. He might tease her a lot about it but would also find it really cute and admirable that she is so serious about what she does.

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Taehyung : He’ll find this very funny and cute. He’ll also like the attention he gets from his bf even if it’s just being a replacement for paper. “Not that I mind you writing on me, in fact, it’s fun but can’t you also sacrifice yourself for work ?” he’ll be joking of course. She’ll lift her sleeves “I do sacrifice myself so don’t start you pabo !” They’d probably end up cutely arguing and laughing away.

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Jungkook : He’d let her do what she wants. “But only because it’s you !” He wouldn’t let anyone else write on his precious arms. She’ll qhow that she can’t do anything about it because her arms are already full and he’ll just sight and playfully roll his eyes. He’ll make a mental note to bring her paper next time. Also, the next time they’ll hang out, he might do the same thing to her, out of principe.

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