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I was tagged by hyukiller

My answers: 

Favorite OTP(s)?

*EunHae. And there is Siwon, with all members. (Even Hyuk and Hae XD)

 2) Which group brought you into Kpop?

* SS501

3) Top 5 favorite Tumblr blogs?

* Can my blogroll be this questions answer, bb? :P

4) Which group do you hate?

* I think none. Actually I can’t find time for that. I’m full-time ELF. :D 

5) The most good-looking male Kpop idol? 

* Eunhyuk. 

6) Which Kpop idol’s fashion that you like the most? 

* Eunhyuk! Always fashionista!! :D

7) What do you think about fans with multi-fandom? 

* I think… it’s not nice. I’m seeing some blogs like “I’M ELF, FOREVER ELF, HARDCORE ELF, SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST, WE PROM15ED TO 13ELIEVE” and %55 post are about other groups. How can they say they are ‘hardcore ELF’? :P Eh, it’s something makes me angry.

8)   Do you listen to any type of song else not Kpop? 

* Metal? Maybe it’s ridiculous but metal musics makes me relax.

9) If Tumblr was in real life, what blog owners would you like to meet in person?

* I think Superandyy is popular here. I want to meet with superandyy. :D

10) Do you like anon message or user massage? 

* Both! 

11) Are we friends? <3 

* Lets be!!!

My questions:

1)  What’s your “the most played song” on your music player? 
2) Your favorite band?
3) Tumblr or Twitter?
4) Do you like animes or dramas?
5) If you were a manga character, who you would be? 
6) What is the best movie you’ve ever seen? 
7) Do you like computer games? What’s your favorite?
8) What’s your horoscope?  
9) Do you believe that aliens are real?
10)  What do you think of gays? 
11) Do you like me? /or my blog, lol/