happy birthday moon jongup | 140206

to my precious pup, you are amazingly beautiful, adorable, lovable, so talented, and perfectly flawless in every single way.

your smile never fails to brighten my day, and it’s the most unique thing about you. it’s what made me stan you from day one, and you wouldn’t be moon jongup without it.

even though I get really excited over b.a.p’s comebacks, I hope you are resting and taking care of yourself. we appreciate all the effort and hard work you put into every single one of your comebacks, with your singing and dancing and your ability to keep that beautiful, never-fading, smile on, so don’t push yourself too hard for us. we will love you even if b.a.p don’t return to the stage for a year because no matter what, you’ll be always worth the wait.

I wish you the greatest nineteenth year, and hope you, and b.a.p, get everything you deserve in 2014 ;v;