Hello everyone!

I’m Kate and I think it’s finally time for my first follow forever. I’m on Tumblr more than a year and during that time I discovered a lot of interesting things. Also gained many followers and have followed a lot of awesome blogs. I wish you all tight hug, but we are separete by thousands of miles and I can only thank you. Thank you for everything.

And now it’s time for the people who I think have a great blogs and I follow them forever, until I will be on Tumblr.

buckw1lds // psycholicious //z1c // wornseoul // ondae // revelie // chanyelolz // ningyouholic // leave-the-b-o-y-alone // jh0pe // toxiquette // fap-monster // gn-a //fffeel-good // craykwon // sacratuemur // skinnygray // daeminsoo // ayzuza // rirism // yongyeol // chichoko // suckmyzicock // b2ng // saekiya // jongkris // viivichan // seouldown // imhaya // seunggrii // iwoulddiewithoutmybabydoll // mostbeloved // nattyvodo // reiyoji // leechea // kpopinbw // damnyongguk // junmaeho // korean-addicted // seoulcityb1tch // whoresinseoul

(the order is random, really)


I hope that soon I will have a chance once again to thank you. See ya!