Regent Bowerbird male | ©Jonathan Ayres  (Bunya Mountains, Qeensland, Australia)

This striking bird is Sericulus chrysocephalus (Ptilonorhynchidae), an  Australian endemic found in rainforests on the east coast of Australia, east of the Great Dividing Range, in southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales.

Regent bowerbirds are passerine songbirds that have several exceptional traits. Most songbirds have 9 to 10 secondary feathers, Regent bowerbirds have more, ranging from 11 to 14. They also have larger lacrimal bones, a trait shared by lyrebirds (Menuridae). Their legs and feet are short, strong, and covered in scales. Regent bowerbirds have a notably long and slim bill compared to the other species of bowerbirds.

Sericulus chrysocephalus exhibits sexual dimorphism. Males are mostly shiny black with glossy gold patches on their crowns, the backs of their necks, and the distal ends of their wings [1].

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