These aren’t a part of the pokedesign thing, but a while back, just for fun, I drew a bunch of different Smeargle. I drew the first one for some long-forgotten purpose (oops), but then I drew three more just because heck, it was a lot of fun. I never did post these on this blog, and I never put them all in a photoset together, so here they are!


Had a screenprinting class today, and I decided to do cliones for my screen print. I made a bunch of cliones on a bunch of different papers and at different transparencies, but I like the ones I did on black paper the best.

Also I’m on Tumblr at school right now because it’s raining and uh I came to school without a jacket or umbrella…… oops, gotta wait out the rain ;-;

Easily the most time I’ve ever spent on a digital piece (around 20 hours, maybe more?), especially if I factor in the time I spent coming up with colour schemes and poses that I didn’t like.

But yes, please enjoy this lamprey eel thing with little clawed fins.

An old illustration assignment I’ve been trying to fix up, the concept more or less being about gender roles, the basic idea being that from the moment the sex of a fetus is determined, the parents will use that to determine how to decorate their child’s room, what their child will wear, what it’ll play with, etc, thus deciding an unspoken set of guidelines for how their child should live before it is even born.

Dunno if I’m explaining it very well, but there you go. I’m not sure if I’m done with this picture yet, buuuuut I’ll probably leave it alone for now.

EDIT: Also that’s a barbie floating in that lady’s womb. If it doesn’t look like one I’ll go back in and work on it later :P


I have a couple of assignments sitting in my school assignments folder titled, “big honking violin” and “huge fucking violin”. It’s from an assignment last year where we had to design/illustrate four images based on a random prompt, and I got “Huge Violin”. These are the two I liked best, I kinda really dislike the other two I made, they look dumb….

First image was done in Photoshop, second image is a bit of painting with paper cuts and wood veneer.